Korean investigative reality TV show: “Crime Scene”

Crime Scene

[2016-12-09 UPDATE: Season 3 of Crime Scene is slated to air in the first half of 2017!

Sources: Naver, Reddit]

“Crime Scene” is the second Korean reality TV show that I am recommending on my blog, the previous being “The Genius“. Both are similar in a way that they test the intelligence, observation and deduction skills of the cast in a setting that depicts real-life activities and human reactions as realistically as possible.

“Crime Scene” is touted to be the first ever role-playing detective game in Korea. Produced by Korean cable network JTBC, the show presents murder cases that are modelled after real-world incidents, and cast members will play out the various suspect roles that they have chosen prior to the start of the game.

One of the cast members will play the role of the real killer, and he/she will have to deflect suspicion from himself/herself while diverting attention to the others. It is up to the cast members to build a case against whom they think is the real killer. Continue reading