Google readying for big-time push?

Following the appearance of the new “flattened” logo on the latest Chrome dev channel release and the Chromium open-source browser last week, Google has also popped the new cutesy logo on the latest upgrade of Chrome beta version that I am using.
Old logo:
New logo:

Best Android apps of 2010


(Photo credit: Android)

2010 has been quite an adventure for many Android fans out there. Inundated by the plethora of Android phones released during the year, there is never a question of variety. The green robot has certainly made his mark in a big way and endeared himself to the masses in this series of charming adsContinue reading

Android Google Reader app is out

Google Reader
At last, Google Reader has finally released its official Android app, as announced on their blog.
This is definitely a long overdue release for us Google Reader fans using Android mobile phones. I must applaud the very admirable efforts from the Google Reader team. The simple, clean and straightforward user interface of the official app is very close to the desktop version and gives a very polished user experience, despite the app being only at its first iteration.