About Me

  • Born and bred in Singapore.
  • Lifelong Liverpool FC fan  *You’ll Never Walk Alone*
  • Love the music of the BeatlesBest band ever.
  • Obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, especially Jeremy Brett.
  • Enthuses over social media marketingtechnology.
  • Lives in the world of mysteries.

≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈     ≈

  • 神马都是浮云。
  • 上等愚民,低等动物。
  • 讨厌极端,喜好中庸。
  • 容易产生奇思异想。
  • 先知?马后炮?傻傻分不清楚。
  • 心水:利物浦,福尔摩斯,黄大炜,日本推理小说,披头四。

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, my name is Allen, from Taiwan. We’re going to open a new branch office in Singapore on November which will distribute adjustable standing desk there. If you’re interested in our products please contact us in email(tw@fourwinds.com.tw) and refer to our website 1978.4winds.com.tw


  2. CUrious about your standing desk am considering one of those ergonomic type that can adjust to seating height and standing height . Was it hard to put your Ikea one together?

    In Singapore we have limited choices la!



    • Unfortunately, the height is not adjustable. So far I’ve not been able to find any adjustable standing desk in Singapore. I’d love to have a GeekDesk or one from Anthro, but even if they do ship overseas, it’ll probably cost a bomb.

      Assembling the IKEA frame and table-top took less than half an hour. It is quite sturdy as well, since its original purpose is meant as a kitchen counter-top.


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