Signal sets high bar for Korean drama

While every other person seemed to be caught up in the recently concluded “Descendants of the Sun” craze, I was not particularly enamoured by it. Instead, I was attracted to the highly acclaimed drama “Signal“, which was specially aired on tvN for the broadcast channel’s 10th anniversary. Incidentally it took over the time slot from another quality drama “Reply 1988” – what’s with tvN churning out quality dramas helmed by lesser known but hugely talented cast?


“Signal” is a detective mystery thriller with an intriguing element in the form of the main characters communicating through time with the help of walkie talkie. This “communicate through time” storyline has been covered by American movie “Frequency” and Hong Kong drama serial “隔世追凶” (“To Get Unstuck in Time”) where father and son communicate that way, but “Signal” takes on a different form where the link is between two police detectives who had never met each other before but ended up joining hands through time to investigate and solve cold cases.

“Signal” enjoys extremely positive critics (9+/10 in major rating sites) and high viewership since its broadcast. The cast is full of acting heavyweights, with all three main leads – Kim Hye Soo, Cho Jin Woong and Lee Je Hoon – having won awards in Korea’s prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards and PaekSang Arts Awards.

I seldom watch Korean dramas as they tend to be a tad draggy compared to Japanese dramas, but “Signal”, with the plot unfolding at such a breathtaking pace, had me hooked right from the beginning to the end. One couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss when the drama concluded. Korean netizens had been calling for a second season, and both the scriptwriter and director had responded positively by stating that although the drama was not made with multiple seasons in mind, the crew had “opened up the possibility” of producing a second season, so let’s cross our fingers.

Watch all 16 English subbed episodes of “Signal”:



4 thoughts on “Signal sets high bar for Korean drama

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  2. Hello, Jennyteo. I can not find your contact ways in this blog. So
    I left a comment here. Can I sent you an email about business cooperation?
    If you have interested in this, please contact me, thank you.


    • Hi Karthig, the Crime Scene PD is concluding his Sugar Man programme in July, so fingers crossed that he will devote himself into CS S3 right after. He had said before that it takes around 6 months to develop a season of CS, so we’ll wait and see!


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