Season 4 of “The Genius” : Grand Final begins June 27th

TG4 banner

Highly-lauded Korean reality-variety game show “The Genius” is back with its fourth season “Grand Final”, slated to air on June 27th. The title “Grand Final” had many fans fear that the show is ending for good. So far the production team hasn’t addressed that concern, so we can only cross our fingers and hope for the best.

(If you have not heard of this extremely entertaining and mind-blowing programme, you can learn more about it in my posts: “The Genius: Rules of the Game”, “The Genius 2: Rule Breaker” and “The Genius 3: Black Garnet”.)

What’s a “Grand Final” without its luminaries? The top three players from the previous three seasons are back pitting against one other while holding off notable return players who are determined to challenge their dominance. As all the players had appeared on the show before, they have precise knowledge of one another’s strengths and weaknesses. Whatever strategies and plans that used to work will no longer be effective in the new season. This unpredictability is likely to result in unexpected outcomes that the players would have to overcome, as the poster had boldly proclaimed, “You Can’t Win Again In The Same Way”.

Here are some of the teasers and previews that had been released for Season 4, all subbed in English by Bumdidlyump:

Bumdidlyump had also subbed the programme and behind-the-scene snippets for previous three seasons.

Season 1 and 2

Season 3

TG4 players poster

(all image credit: tvN)


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