Plot twists abound in season 2 of “Crime Scene”

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“Crime Scene” is a Korean investigative-variety RPG show in which cast members are given suspect roles to play. One of them will play the real killer who will have to conceal his/her identity while trying to incriminate the others, and the other suspects will have to uncover evidence in the crime scene to find the real killer.

The first season aired on May 2014, and the second season is coming to a close tonight. Season 2 has garnered better ratings and reviews over Season 1 due to the more intricate crime scene sets, seemingly improbable plot twists and better hidden clues.

The second season differs from the first in that the cast members get their role cards at least a week in advance for them to prepare and immerse in their roles. Also, a new detective role is added and he/she who plays the role will be excluded from the list of suspects. He/she will wield two votes (each vote is worth 1 million won, or US$1,000) whereas the rest of the cast will get only one vote. This means that the detective has greater power to swing the votes towards or away from the real killer, depending on his/her ability to engage the suspects in uncovering clues and deducing the case.

All players will vote for who they think is the real killer at the end of each episode. The player with the most votes will be arrested and locked up. If the arrested suspect is the real killer, players who voted for him/her will keep their 1 million won each (the detective will keep 1 or 2 million won, depending on how he/she has voted over two rounds). On the other hand, if the arrested suspect is not the real killer, players who had voted for him/her will have their money taken by the real killer. The top 3 cast members with the highest winnings at the end of the season will get to keep their prize money.

As in its first season, viewers in Korea can participate in the live voting while the episode is airing. This engages viewers to solve the crime and find the real killer together with the cast.

The second season sees the top two players from season 1, Hong Jinho and Park Jiyoon, return to uphold their “deduction genius” reputation. Other cast members include Jang Dongmin (comedian/broadcaster), Jang Jin (acclaimed movie director) and Hani (member of popular girl group EXID). The show also features a guest player each week to add more variety and unpredictability to the show.

Both seasons have been subbed in English by Bumdidlyump:

– Season one

– Season two

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(From L to R: Hani of EXID, Hong Jinho, Jang Jin, Park Jiyoon, Jang Dongmin)

(all image credit: JTBC)

*Updated 2017.03.27: HOORAY! Season 3 is coming! Stay tuned to JTBC on 28th April 2017!

*Updated 2016.08.23: Unfortunately, it looks like Season 3 may not happen after all. Yoon Hyunjoon CP who was in charge of Crime Scene recently revealed in an interview that there are “a lot of factors preventing Season 3 from happening. Crime Scene isn’t a show that anyone can produce. The writers for Crime Scene are now working on other projects. Producing Crime Scene requires 10 months of extensive preparation. So, it’s not ideal for them to pluck the writers away from their current projects to reform the Crime Scene team. Also, there’s extremely high expectations and standards for Season 3. Unless everything falls into place, they won’t begin producing Season 3.” (Source)

Awww…it looks like we have to contend with either reliving the memories from the two seasons of Crime Scene or giving the Chinese version “明星大侦探” (loosely translated as “Star Detective”) a shot. Although 明星大侦探 falls short on deductions and post-production when compared to Crime Scene, it is still a pretty decent watch.

Watch 明星大侦探  here:


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