Tips for buying on Taobao from Singapore

(cr: Taobao Southeast Asia)

Good news for online shopaholics – Taobao had set up its Southeast Asia hub in Singapore.

For the uninitiated, Taobao (淘宝) is the Chinese equivalent to shopping sites like Amazon, Qoo10 or Rakuten.

Prior to the launch of its Southeast Asia office, many in Singapore were unable to buy directly on Taobao as it required customers to have China bank accounts. In addition, most Taobao sellers do not ship overseas. Going through third-party daigou agents to buy on their behalf was the only way Singapore buyers could shop on Taobao, until now.

With the launch of International Parcel Forwarding Service (IPFS) in Singapore – and Malaysia too! – customers can now buy from Taobao and have their orders shipped to Singapore via an international forwarding agent (国际转运商). A forwarding agent acts as a consolidating point that provides storage (free for up to 20 days) for customers’ orders in its warehouse in China. After the customer selects the orders for consolidation, the agent will calculate the applicable forwarding charges based on the weight of the consolidated package. It will then arrange for the package to be shipped from its warehouse in China to the Singapore address as specified by the customer.

It was an easy and fuss-free process registering for a Taobao account. After logging in to, I followed the guide on how to activate the IPFS by first setting up the overseas shipping address (i.e. the Singapore address for the parcel to be shipped to). I was then prompted to select a forwarding agent. Once this was done, I was all set to start shopping on Taobao.

When a user registers for a Taobao account, an Alipay (支付宝) account will automatically be created to facilitate payment. Alipay is an online payment service owned by Taobao, and China’s answer to PayPal. Alipay now allows the linking of international credit cards like VISA and Mastercard for payment – again, just like PayPal. It also accepts payment via the Alipay Purchase Card, which is available for purchase at AXS kiosks.

Here are some useful tips for shopping on Taobao:

  • Although the Taobao Southeast Asia site is in English, the Taobao item pages are still all in Chinese, so you will need to be able to understand Chinese to navigate the Taobao site.
  • Keep the default option for 物流运费 (delivery fee) on the item page. It is usually set to 全国 (nationwide). DO NOT select delivery to 海外 (overseas), since you have already appointed a forwarding agent as your local contact point to receive the goods in China. Selecting the overseas option means you want the sellers in China to ship directly to you in Singapore, and this will incur high shipping costs. Moreover, as previously mentioned, most Taobao sellers do not ship directly to overseas addresses.
Leave the 物流运费 as default 全国.

Leave the 物流运费 as default 全国.

  • You can set up the option to receive SMS notifications when your orders have arrived at the warehouse in China. When all your orders are ready for consolidation and shipping to Singapore, navigate to 已买到的宝贝 > 国际转运 (My items > International forwarding) to choose the items that you want to 合并 (combine) into a single consolidated package. From my own experience, you are currently allowed to combine up to twenty orders into a single package.
Click on 合并快递 to indicate that you want this order included in the consolidated package.

Click on 合并快递 to indicate that you want this order included in the consolidated package.

The order is now included in the consolidation list.

The order is now included in the consolidation list.

  • Unlike the daigou agents, the international forwarding agents currently do not seem to provide the option to ship by sea, which means you may still incur high shipping costs if you buy bulky items and have them shipped (by air) by the forwarding agents. I suggest that you check with the forwarding agents before putting in orders for bulky items.
  • aliwangwangAliwangwang is the recommended communication platform between the buyers and sellers (and forwarding agents). The client interface is similar to MSN Messenger and easy to use. If you want to know more about an item, such as its weight and availability, you can chat or leave a message with the seller on Aliwangwang.
  • The forwarding agent acts as a consolidating point to receive, combine and ship orders to the customers. However, handling returns and refunds for unsatisfactory, restricted or wrong orders may be tricky, which is typical for overseas online shopping. You can check out the FAQs, Prohibited Items list and Buyer Protection pages for more details. And no, you can’t buy chewing gum on Taobao, it is among the list of items that are prohibited to ship to Singapore.

This is by no means intended to be a detailed tutorial on shopping on Taobao, but I hope this can clear up some doubts about using the IPFS forwarding agent to ship Taobao orders to Singapore. If you have any other queries, or wish to receive the latest updates and promotions, you can now follow Taobao Southeast Asia on their Facebook page.

(Updated 2016.07.20: I am closing the comments on this post as it is nearly three years old and since then, there have been many changes on Taobao that the information in this post may no longer be relevant. For queries on Taobao related matters, you may like to contact Taobao SEA directly at helpline 800 188 6018 (Singapore number) or their Facebook page. Thank you!)


1,181 thoughts on “Tips for buying on Taobao from Singapore

  1. Hi jenny,
    i have a issue on the refund.. I purchase a item from taobao and pay throught nets to alipay.. Item not allow to ship so refunded but until now still yet to received the refund amount.. Contact seller telling me that refund is successful but i still yet to see the amount.. Contact bank but told to check with alipay but still cant check.. What should i do?

    • Hi NG JILEEN, if refund is successful, it would have been reflected in your Taobao account under that item order. The best way to confirm about when refund can be credited is to contact Alipay through Taobao. You can contact Taobao SEA at 800 188 6018.

  2. Hi Jenny, I have purchased a fishing rod from Taobao and selected 4PX as the forwarder. However, they refused to deliver the rod as they claimed that it is too long. How can I circumvent that, extra fees? If to select another forwarder, any recommendation on the forwarder that will deliver long or bulky stuffs?

    • Hi Vincent Goh, did 4PX suggest any alternative solutions? If not, you can check out third party daigou agents since they offer sea shipping and may be able to deliver. You can then arrange with one of these agents to pick it up from 4PX and send it to you for extra fees. (you can google online for third party daigou agents in Singapore)

      • Thanks Jenny, for the prompt response and advise….unfortunately 4PX is not able to help in this aspect. I have engaged 65Daigou (EZBuy) for the shipping services.

  3. Some item i bought was out of stock and the seller refunded me but the refund is stuck in my alipay account. I cant seem to link my ocbc bank account to alipay, they dont accept foreign bank? How do i get my money back from the account? Im from singapore.

    • Hi Ys, I had linked my local credit cards to Alipay before with no issue. You may like to check your case with Taobao directly? If the refund is reflected as a credit in your Alipay account, I don’t think you can transfer the amount to your cards, but you can use it to offset your next purchase.

      • I was trying to offset my purchase but they told me to verify my identity, which requires the bank account information. I entered my card number but it’s not accepted. “无法识别您的卡号,请填写正确的银行卡卡号” I think I read that alipay only accepts china bank cards?

      • alipay’s customer service helped me with this, I can use the refunded amount already 😀

  4. May i know got any extra bank charges when i pay by credit card? Eg, when i make payment is 100 yuan + 3% = 103 yuan but why the amount show in bank transaction is more than 103 yuan?

    • Hi Hwa, the extra charges would be labelled in small print when you make payment. I recall there is a 3% charge for using credit card but not sure if there are other bank charges like currency exchange or admin fee related to it. You can check with Taobao SEA for the reason of why you are being charged more than 3%.

      • Do u know how to use sea courier instead of air courier? I found that air courier charges a bit high. I use 4px forwarder

    • Hi Hwa, Taobao official forwarders like 4PX do not offer sea shipping; you need to find third party daigou agents for that. You can search online for the various agents and reviews on their services.

  5. Hi Jenny, I have made payment for my parcel on 22 May and I’m using 4PX. It has been a few days but the current status of the parcel is still【海外】包裹抵达目的港机场,等待提货. What does this mean? Also, where do I find the button to delay the payment countdown timer (as I have yet to receive my parcel)? Thanks so much! I look forward to your reply! 🙂

    • Hi Simin, it looks like your parcel is still awaiting release at the destination, but you can check with 4PX directly on the status just to be sure. There used to be a link that allows one time delay of payment for extra few days, but I have not shopped on Taobao for a long time so I’m not sure if this option is still available. If there is no longer such an option, then you won’t be able to delay payment as it is an automated process on Taobao’s backend.

  6. Hi Jenny, can u screenshot or tell me where to enabled the sms notification when the order arrived in warehouse?

    • Hi Salena, if you have provided your mobile no in your account details, the SMS notification should work on default. However, it’s been some time since I last bought on Taobao, so the system may have changed. The best way to confirm is to call Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 and check how the notification works now.

  7. I make a purchase and deliver to shipping agent 4px recently (for sg delivery). It is kind of weird 4px charge one of my item base shipping charges based on volumetric weight (13.25kg, ~RMB344 shipping charges) instead of the actual weight (3.5kg according to the retailer, Actual item 1.8kg + Packaging 1.7kg). The rest of the items are charged base on actual weight. Have you encounter such a problem? I am not sure if I should redirect my items to another shipping agent who do not charge by volumetric weight.

    • Hi Wayne, please direct your query directly to 4PX on this, and at the same time you may like to check out other agents who may like to take over it.

  8. Hi, I have 3 items currently residing at Vpost china purchase from Taobao 3 diff vendor. As the total weight about 9.5kg I check vpost total charge amounting to about SGD100. Now I want to get them to either redirect to other courier like 65daigou or you think better to return to merchant. I know there will be a charge like SGD6.50 from vpost. But I count is still worth. I actually want it to be return to merchant but vpost said need get merchant to print a return slip but the supplier in china said he did not know what is this. Can you advise me how to proceed.

    • Hi Alison, I am not sure what this return slip is. Since you are planning to use 65daigou service, you may like to check with them to see if they can help?

  9. Hi,
    I have recently made a blunder of ordering a few things but did not select the international forwarding service. Do u have any idea how I can arrange for this now? I have already made payment for the items.

    • Hi Celina, you have to cancel order asap and get a refund, then submit a new order again and select international forwarding. Inform the sellers about this too so they can stop sending out the items.

    • Hi Jaslyn, you can get Alipay purchase card at an AXS machine. It is more like a virtual card where you will get the PIN to top up the value in your Alipay account.

      • Sorry for the spam comment; so both purchase & top up the taobao purchase card is at AXS machine? Thn how do we use the taobao purchase card?

    • Hi Jaslyn, when you sign up for a Taobao account, it will automatically open a Alipay account for you. When you confirm your orders on Taobao and are ready to pay, Taobao will direct you to the Alipay site for payment. Alipay offers several payment methods, such as Alipay purchase card (Taobao is the shopping site; there is no Taobao purchase card) and credit cards.

      • I got both the account alr, now i wan pay how do i pay? My alipay acc got no money plus i dont have a credit card

      • Hey, u mind to give ur email? I show u wat i get after i submit my orders to my shopping cart.

      • How do make sure the my alipay got money inside? Cus i dont hv a credit card.
        And i would like to inform u the link i shared w me cannot be opened ><

    • Hi Jaslyn, I’m sorry but I am unable to help on individual basis. It is best to seek help from Taobao directly from the phone number I had given. You can also get in touch with them on FB –

    • Hi Jaslyn, Alipay accepts not just credit cards. Alipay also allows other forms of payment methods, such as Alipay purchase card (value can be bought from AXS) or eNets (debit from bank account), for your Taobao purchases. Is the link you are referring to the FB link? The full link is: , or you can google for Taobao SEA facebook.

      • So when i wan to purchase value frm AXS machine i jus type in my acc or email thn the value will automatically go into my Alipay acc?

      • If i bought the value frm AXS machine, the value will go into the alipay acc? The one i when you sign up for a Taobao account, it will automatically open a Alipay account for me tht one?

  10. Hello (: i had 6 items in my cart intitally and because one of them was a custom order, so it took 2 weeks to make so the rest shipped over to singapore first. I have recieved the 5 other items but the 6th one is still pending clearence. It has been like that for about 3 days now and from my experience customs dont usually take that long. The dpex tracking number they gave is the old one and if you do know, will they issue a new tracking number?

  11. Hi Jenny,

    I have a 4px parcel with status indicating it is received at the oversea processing facility ever since 31/3/16. What should I do? Does it usually take so long to reach sg?

    • Hi Ryeong, do check with your forwarder on the status, or contact 4PX if you are unable to get in touch with your forwarder.

  12. Hi Jenny,

    i am stuck at 包裹抵达目的港机场,等待提货 in the tracking details, it has been there for many days already 😦 am i suppose to do anything? or do i just wait? thank you! 🙂

    • HI rachel, you can contact your forwarder to check why it is taking so long. Usually it shouldn’t take too many days to deliver to you when it has reached Singapore.

  13. hi the seller from taobao mailed me the wrong item and she agreed to refund me but i have to mail the item back to her. do you know have any idea where and how i can return the item back to her? thanks

    • Hi Audrey, you have to bear the overseas shipping costs back to the seller. Depending on the value of the item, it may not be worth it. In any case, you can check with your forwarder if it can help with the return at a lower cost.

  14. Hii im experiencing a problem here , i paid through fund transfer using ibanking and it clearly states that the amount has beeen debit but when i go to my account it did not say payment made but it show Unpaid payment. im getting worried.

    • Dennish, you should just continued payment, pay for the second time. I had encountered the same problem before. My money from bank has been deducted but taobao system stated “Unpaid payment”
      So the solution: I pay for the 2nd time. They will deduct money for the 2nd time. Then, Taobao will refund back your money within 3-4 working days. Hope this helps. I’m assisting based on my own experience 😀

  15. Hi, I have alipay purchase card credits but it only has 101 yuan. The item I’m buying is 109 yuan. Can I use 101 yuan from alipay purchase card and 8 yuan from enets?

    • Hi Chua Yu, I have not tried using Alipay credits, but you can go ahead and try pay with the credits and see if the system prompts you to pay the remaining amount with your other preferred payment method.

  16. Hi Jenny, what happens if escrow releases my money to the seller before I receive my goods (forwarder probs/customs delay) and the items end up faulty/missing items etc? Will I have a case against that for a refund? Feels a bit slim.. 😦

    • Hi Polly, it will depend on the terms and conditions laid down by the escrow for these cases. You can check with Taobao SEA if they can help resolve such cases.

  17. hi! why does taobao state that my item “已签收” yet i still cant make shipping payment for it? doesnt that mean that the item has beem received at the warehouse?

  18. Hi Jenny, can i check with you on the following:
    17:57:54【海外】Arrived Hub
    2016-Feb-26Fri.06:36:33【海外】Arrived Depot
    07:51:37【海外】Out for Delivery
    15:02:01【海外】Attempted Delivery – Consignee Not Home
    2016-Feb-27Sat.08:46:13【海外】Please contact your local freight solutions department for more information

    Does it mean that they have tried delivering to my house but it is not successful? How do i know who is my local freight solutions department?


    • Hi Orion, you can try contact your forwarder on Aliwangwang. If you are unable to contact your forwarder, you can call Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 to find out about the local delivery company.

  19. I consolidated my shipping and made payment for it on the 19th. But till now, the taobao tracking page still states “待发货”. However, my friend who made payment on the 20th already got her package sent out yesterday. So, I contacted 4PX yesterday and they told me “已经为您催促的了”. Their replies are really slow, sometimes they even dont reply at all. Today, I asked them why have they still have not send out my items and if theres any problem there. They told me that it has already been sent out. But the trackimg page on taobao is not updated at all? I asked them about that and.. no replies even after I prompted several times. Im worried that my items cant arrived before CNY 😦 I need them for CNY. argh..

    • Hi kiimtae, since 4PX is your forwarder, then you can only rely on their updates so just give them more reminders. You may like to consider contacting Taobao SEA to convey your concerns and requesting their help to liaise with 4PX.

  20. I consolidated my shipping and made payment for it on the 19th. But till now, the taobao tracking page still states “待发货”. However, my friend who made payment on the 20th already got her package sent out yesterday. So, I contacted 4PX yesterday and they told me “已经为您催促的了”. Their replies are really slow, sometimes they even dont reply at all. Today, I asked them why have they still have not send out my items and if theres any problem there. They told me that it has already been sent out. But the trackimg page on taobao is not updated at all? I asked them about that and.. no replies even after I prompted several times. Im worried that my items cant arrived before CNY 😦 I need them for CNY. argh..

    • dont reply to this comment, i forgot to mark the “notify me of new comments” 😅 reply the other one that i posted. thank you so much!

  21. Hi jenny, was wondering because i choose to ship package to sg via 4px and manage to find out that local company in liaise is airpax express (able to track on their site as well ) but I tried calling them nobody ever answer the calls. My package was left at airport after reaching sg for a week according to taobao tracking and seems that no arrangement was made locally and 4px customer service can’t do much as well. My package arrive yesterday and Singpost made the delivery but no sms alert was given. Are we able to track our package through singpost using details on taobao? Anyone encounter this issue recently?

    • Hi LYNN, I am not sure if you can use Taobao details to track package delivered by Singpost since the information may differ. Even if 4PX can’t help track local delivery, they should be able to at least give you the contact for the local delivery company. Sometimes the local courier does not sms beforehand so it is best to have the delivery address set to where there will be someone to receive the parcel.

  22. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for the informative post. I am a first time buyer and this post is much appreciated. You have stated to keep the 运费 in the default option which for many of my purchases is 新加坡, however for one of my purchase, which is from Tmall, it was left as 杭州. As what you have suggested, i am aware that i should not select the 国外 option but there were no options for 全国. Should i just leave it as it is?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Nina, the user interface of Taobao had changed significantly over the past years. Check with your forwarder where their warehouse is sited, then choose the location/area accordingly. You need to choose the location because the local courier charges differ between locations.

  23. Hi. I’m a newbie to tmTaobao. Firstly, thanks for sharing. Gained quite some knowledge from your posting & comments from others.
    I faced an issue when I tried to pay for some items. Looks like an account is frozen. Besides calling 8001886018, does Tao Bao has an email address to escalate problems? I was on hold for ~40min before I gave up. Thanks.

    • Hi lim vin yee, this status is too vague. One possibility is that it has arrived at a distribution hub of the delivery company and is awaiting to continue transit to the destination. Best to check this with your forwarder.

  24. Hello,

    I just wanna ask. If 4px sent me an ‘out for delivery’ sms but my items have not reached my doorstep, what does it mean? Should I be worried?

    • Hi Jane, sometimes the delivery company may experience delays in their original schedules. If you haven’t received it by the next working day, do contact your forwarding company or Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 to help track your parcel.

      • Thank you for your quick response!

        Okay but is there a particular way of calling them? Because I tried dialing Taobao SEA’s number on my house phone and it was unable to even reach anyone. Also, must I be proficient in Chinese to call them, because I’m not hahahaha. Have you ever experienced delays even after the forwarding company had sent an “out for delivery” sms? What’s the normal duration of delay, especially during a festive season?

    • Hi Jane, you may need to call the helpline a few times? I had called before on two occasions successfully. Their CSOs can speak English, but it is easier to communicate with them in Chinese. I do not usually buy during festive seasons but I guess they could be short-handed during this period.

  25. Jus saying… for those who know how to read/type chinese,do download the updated chat widget 亲淘.after deliberately postpone for so long i finally decided to try and its much clearer than the web can have you chat history and can contact the courier works like msn.idk if its jus me or what,but i find if you pressure them(not rudely of course) you will get solution faster.and if you can solve it thru chat,do follow blogger’s advice in calling the SG customer service.

    my 12.12 orders finally reach singapore after weird updates on 物流 between china and HK transit.hope it reach my door in one piece 2mr…well..hope is 2mr…cos the local courier i nv see b4 also XD good luck everyone!merry xmas =)

    • update: yeap. PRouter screwed up.21st-25 still not here.need so long to clear custom meh?i saw someone on another forum say he alr got his parcel from 4px on 24th.when he sent for forwarding on 19th.really pissed off now,maybe gonna call the taobao sea 2mr.

  26. Hi is the Taobao SEA number 800 188 6018 toll free? Do i need to pay overseas call charges if I am calling from Singapore?

    • Hi Cari Yeo, it’s a Singapore number, though I know it doesn’t look like it~ The Taobao SEA office is based in Singapore.

  27. Hi Jenny,

    I used Taobao Direct Shipping for 3 items this time but one of my items got refunded midway. As a result, the other 2 are sitting in the warehouse awaiting for the last one to arrive before they can be shipped. However, the third item has already been refunded and the system in Taobao did not remove or update the status of my 3rd item. So my consolidated package is essentially still “waiting” for that refunded package to arrive. Will the system auto churn out my package after a few days? Thanks!

  28. Hi Jenny, i have already make payment, then after completed, one of the tab says error,
    payment have already been deducted from my bank account but the status still telling me to pay when i check the status. please help me.

    • Hi Fina, please call Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 to help you with this issue. Let them know the money had been deducted from your bank account but it was not reflected in the Taobao system. Best to provide them with more information like a screen shot with details like time of deduction and transaction number as shown in your bank statement.

  29. Hi, Can advise me. I make payment through eNets. i realize that the sellers cancel my order after i make payment. How can i get the refund back?

    • Hi Shirley, the refund would have been credited to which ever way you had made your payment. Do make sure that the seller has processed the refund. If there is any issues, you can contact Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 .

  30. Hi Jenny,
    The seller input the wrong parcel code in the system, now the parcel is stuck in 4px warehouse and I can’t ship it to Singapore. I wish to cancel and refund it, do you know how can I do this? Because the code in the system is wrong I can’t cancel it from Taobao. May I know what is the easiest way to contact 4px to release the goods for refund?

    • Hi tweiting, 4PX needs to do manual tweaking at their end to reflect the correct parcel code. You can contact 4PX about this to get them to update the code or call Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 for help. If you want to cancel and refund, you may need to pay the delivery fee to get the item sent back to seller. For this, you will need to check with the seller on return and refund policy. Once you have settled this with the seller, you can then contact 4PX on the return process.

      • i also get this problem.. seller already send item using new waybill. but i dont know to update it. i using Taobao Global Direct Shipping

  31. Hi Jenny, I submitted an order and selected direct shipping by taobao and while at the payment page, there was error. After this, all items are under “等待付款” but I cannot find the international shipping amount to pay under this option. By right should pay for all items + international shipping together but now I can’t see the international shipping amount. Any ideal where can I can pay for all items + international shipping or I have to resubmit my order again?

  32. Hi, i requested a refund for a item i bought in Taobao and it shows that the amount has been refunded back to my card this morning. (I paid it using my Visa card)
    However till now (evening), the bank account still did not update the refund amount in.
    Is there any issue with it? Or i should wait a few more days for it to be credited in?

    • Hi Leon Seah, usually for online transactions be it payments or refunds, it may take a few working days to reflect on the account. If you don’t see it by Friday, you can call Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 for assistance.

  33. I bought few items and i took DEX, since 23rd Nov till now all the items wrote that
    [Guangzhou] to sign people have been received mail receipt chapter, Thank you for using Daily Express, look again at your service.

    What does it means? Is it normal? How many days usually they deliver it by Dex? I chat them before on taobao but they keep saying it still at the warehouse. Im from Malaysia.

    • Hi Katherine, I am unsure how the Taobao system works for Malaysia. You may like to check with Taobao SEA on their Facebook page .

  34. Hi,

    I bought 14 items by credit card on Tao Bao to be deliver to Singapore by default . After 8 days, 1 seller still did not send the goods. 13 items already in the warehouse waiting to be combine together to be sent to Singapore. I communicate the seller thru Ali Wang Wang , She said: 亲,每个订单都将根据付款时间来安排发货,您拍下付款后我们会尽快为您安排,麻烦您耐心等待一下哈/:^_^如订单中包含预定款,发货时间以预定时间为准哦~ I check my invoice and found a box [交易快照] when I click on it, shown: 卖家承诺45天内发货. I understand that items only entitle to be kept in the warehouse for 20 days free. Please kindly advise.

    Another question is: Tao Bao will automatic pay the seller after a period of time even we did not acknowledge receipt of the goods. Since the most of my goods are now in warehouse and I still have not received yet, what should I do? Should I click the delay payment button?

    Thank you.

    • Hi stellahoe2015, you can delay payment, although I recall it can only be done so once. After that, Taobao will automatically pay the seller. Even so, you should be able to raise dispute later on the seller with Taobao should there be problems. You can either wait for this last item to arrive at the warehouse since, if I recall correctly, the warehouse can hold for 20 days for free. If the item still has not arrived by then, you either incur warehouse cost waiting for it to arrive so you can combine into one package, or ship the rest first before 20 days are up but incur a second delivery cost for the last item.

  35. Hi, am new to TaoBao and facing some difficulties about the shipping to Singapore. How do I contact customer service calling out from Singapore?

  36. Hi Jenny, recently i have made an order from taobao however the status of the goods had been changed to delivered when in fact we have yet to receive it. I feel that the fault lies in the shipper however, I have no idea how to know who the shipper is. Pease advise. Thankyou

    • Hi vi, do check with your official forwarder which is the local courier they are using. You can also get them to follow up with the local courier.

  37. Hi, I’m fairly new Taobao user.. I recently made payment for some items to be shipped to the warehouse in China and transaction went well. However, when I wanted to make payment again for new items to be shipped to the warehouse, this appeared “卖家账号存在安全风险,目前处于交易安全保护中” I’ve tried several times on a computer and using my phone but it’s still the same. Pls advice me, thank you!!

  38. Just a warning although not really related to shipment and buying.
    Don’t buy electronics from taobao, especially SD cards and batteries.
    I mean they’re cheap and really not a ‘waste of too much money’ however you won’t get what you expect.

    I tried buying a 16GB microsd from them, its really cheap, around RMB20 but then after using, realised its actually only about 4GB but they somehow made it shows 16GB on the computer. The battery I got also not working well.

    To make things worst, returning/exchanging cost a BOMB and if you get nasty sellers, they may not want to refund you unless you mail back the item. I was lucky enough, seller refunded the money.

      • but problem may be due to forwarder shipping company….i ordered some stuff on 12.12 due to the enticing delivery fee.but i went ahead with the order despite not able to find useful info about PRouter…only 2 days after that i found their abandoned facebook with lots of complains….im am so worried now….hoping to contact taobao customer service in advance just in case PRouter cock up.

  39. Hi,
    I made payment by MasterCard and it said need to verify in 1 day, but now the order status is still “wait for buyer payment”. My bank account has already deducted money. I’m feeling worry now 😦

    • Hi Linh, please call Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 about this. Let them know that the money had been deducted from your bank account yet the order status had not reflected that.

  40. Hi Jenny, I don’t remember selecting air or ship when I placed my order. Is it always by air when a forwarding services is used?

    • Hi vnxyVanessa, the official forwarders currently offer only shipping by air. You may like to use third-party daigou services if you are looking for sea shipping option since they offer both sea and air options.

  41. Hi jenny,
    I need some help! I’m new to taobao, unfortunately I had selected delivery to 海外。
    Now my goods on P.Router. when I combine together the goods for next steps it show
    “存在不能集运的订单,请检查” ,,
    What should I do next?

  42. Hi jenny,
    I’m hoping you can help me out…
    I’m new to buying on Tao bao and decided to try out recently. All went well until the seller said that the original delivery company (yunda) has maxed out their storage and they have changed to shunfeng. However, my taobao page is still showing the original delivery company (although based on the order number for shunfeng, it has arrived at 4px warehouse). Now I cannot consolidate my orders because my taobao is not reflecting the new delivery number. Any idea what can I do?
    Many thanks in advance!

    • Hi Valerie, 4PX may have to do manual tweaking on their end to reflect the new DO number. You can contact 4PX on Aliwangwang, or call Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 about this issue and they should be able to help you and/or link you up with 4PX.

      • Hi jenny.. Do u know of any faster way to contact 4PX. They are not replying on ailiwangwang. I have contacted taobao SEA..they said they will inform 4PX.. Now seem like waiting game..thanks

  43. Hi i was double-charged for my recent purchase on Taobao. OCBC could not do anything for me but to wait for TaoBao’s side to cancel the wrong transaction by themselves.

    While I was paying , an error message did pop-out and indicated it was time-out. Therefore , I have choice but to make a new payment.

    Do you have any idea through which channel that I can contact Taobao regarding this issue.

  44. Hi Jenny, my item status has been ‘包裹抵达目的的的港机场,等待提货’ for the past 2 days. Does it seem my item has reached sg? And how long does it take to be delivered to the POP station?

    • Hi Qian Hui, it looks like many people are having similar issues with items stuck so it’s hard to tell how long it will take. It is best to continue monitoring the status of delivery.

    • Hi me too! 包裹抵达目的港机场, 等待提货 for a few days already. Previously i didnt have any problems with tb 4px delivery. But this time i bought up to 6kg and websites say that taobao uses toll express instead of speedpost delivery for parcels >5kg. Im not sure if it is because of the difference in delivery company or is it the deepavali public holiday, causing the parcels to be so slow this time round.

  45. Hi Jenny,
    What is the maximum size and weight for consolidated package, shipping through 4PX? Thank you!

    • Hi Irene, I am unsure about the weight and size limits stipulated by 4PX so it is best that you check directly with them. You can contact them on Aliwangwang.

  46. For those who are stuck on 包裹抵达目的港机场,等待提货, how long does it take before it gets dispatched? Mine got stuck there this morning and I hope it gets delivered soon.

  47. HI Jenny, i recently just bought a few items on taobao and when i was consolidating my orders, i accidentally left out one order. It doesn’t make sense to just ship one order over. What should i do?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jean, I believe there is no other choice but to ship that one item over since it is still at the warehouse and when the free storage period is over, it will incur storage costs. If you have more stuff to buy, then another way is to buy more things to arrive at the warehouse before the free storage time for that item is up so you can do another consolidated order.

  48. hi jenny. my parcel has arrived singapore by 4px according to taobao system updates. but speedpost has not yet retrieve the parcel after 2 days. I asked 4px they mention that it might be clearing custom at singapore and when I call speedpost they say parcel yet to arrive singapore according to their system.

    I call the custom and they sae it’s nt with them coz of detained they would have notification letter. and them I contacted 4px they say flight delayed.

    If wth is gg on. was there any past incidence of this?

    • Hi sherr, sometimes it does take longer to clear customs, but it seemed that 4PX was giving you mixed information. Nevertheless, it is advisable to keep contacting 4PX since it is in the best position to know the whereabouts of the parcel. If you wish, you can also contact Taobao SEA to assist.

    • Facing the same problem as well! I had two shipment paid on the same day and the shipment was stuck there for about two days, received one today while another one is still at 抵达目的港机场, 等待提货,I think speedpost currently have too many shipments that’s why? Currently still waiting for the other! Let me know if you received yours ~

      • Same here!!
        I paid for shipment on 24th October, got shipped out on 25 October.
        It writes 28 October 抵达目的港机场, 等待提货 till now and no updates.
        Does anyone has this same issue with 4PX too?!

  49. Hi I am experiencing some issue here the seller in taobao has refunded the money to me the money is now stuck in the Alipay and has not been transfer to my credit card (VISA) which I use to pay for the items I buy. How can I get my money refunded back to the credit card.

    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Apple, I am unable to advise on this issue. You can get help from Taobao SEA (tel 800 188 6018) to see if they can help you liaise for Alipay to transfer the money to your credit card.

  50. Hi. I’m having a problem. I’ve ordered with taobao twice/thrice. But this time round I realise I didn’t tick the forwarder box. and have alr paid for my item. The seller hasn’t ship out anything as for now. How do I deal with this? Should I get a refund and reorder everyrhing again? Note I used enets to deal instead of credit cArd.

    • Hi inni, you need to apply for refund then re-order,but remember to select the forwarder prior to submitting your orders. The procedure should be the same regardless of the payment method. If you have any other problems, you can also contact Taobao SEA for help.

  51. Hi Jenny, I recently made my first purchase with Taobao via Alipay. On Taobao’s Check-Out page, I remembered the amount payable in SGD was around S$1,400 (based on exchange rate of 4.4). But when I received a sms text message to inform me of my successful credit card payment, the amount billed was SGD2,000!

    Any idea why there was such a huge difference?


    • Hi Pauline, the amount could be inclusive of the delivery charges within China? Or did you have them delivered straight to you to Singapore instead of using a forwarder? Please check the order details on your account. You can also call Taobao SEA for assistance.

  52. 2015-Sep-30 Wed. 02:37:00 ] [Chinese] [Quanzhou, Fujian Licheng shipment has arrived at the station
    03:14:28 ] [Chinese] [Fuzhou, Fujian Cangshan distribution warehouse has been issued
    03:14:46 ] [Chinese] [shipment has arrived in Fuzhou, Fujian Cangshan distribution warehouse
    10:09:45 ] [Chinese] [BES Huitong Fujian Quanzhou Licheng station Write embrace member who has
    18:09:49 [Chinese] [City] shipment has arrived at the transit center in Humen
    22:35:09 [Chinese] [] Humen, Dongguan City, has issued a transit center
    2015-Oct-01 Thur. 01:49:31 [China] to Guangzhou [Canton Hsia Liang distribution warehouse]
    01:49:31 [Chinese] [Guangzhou] the shipment has arrived in Guangzhou Xia Liang distribution warehouse
    02:15:29 [Chinese] [Guangzhou] Guangzhou Xia Liang distribution warehouse has been issued
    02:15:32 [Chinese] [Guangzhou] shipment has arrived at the new Guangzhou Jiahe Station
    04:31:49 [Chinese] [Guangzhou] Guangzhou Jiahe station faction member who is for you to send pieces
    15:07:48 [Cargo] your package has been normal storage DEX Cargo compartment.
    15:07:48 [Cargo] your package has been DEX Cargo warehouse receipt

    help, been stuck at this page for the past 10days…what should i do next?

  53. Hi Jenny,
    I have some problems and I was hoping you could help me with it.
    I already made payment for an order I made earlier today and the amount is already deducted from my bank account. However, on the “already purchased” page, it says that I have yet to make payment. Is there anything I could do to get back my money? Thanks

    • Hi Em, you should contact Taobao SEA asap to seek assistance. Provide them as much information as possible, such as screenshot of the bank transaction as proof of payment.

  54. Hi Jenny,

    I understand that some forwarders have restrictions when it comes to the size of the package. Do you happen to know of any forwarder that has no restrictions?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Jim, you can check with the respective forwarders about size restrictions. Sea shipping option (offered by third-party agents) should be more flexible than air option (offered by official forwarders and third-party agents) when it comes to package size. Remember to also check customs restrictions and prohibited items as well.

  55. Hi,

    I had an issue that i will like to seek help on. I had ordered an item from taobao and i selected the global shipping option to Singapore. This is my first time buying directly from taobao as i normally use 65daigou.

    As of now, it is still at ‘Arrived at hub’ which i do not know what it means.

    The shipping status is of below:

    2015-09-18 08:10:54 卖家已发货
    2015-09-18 12:15:04 韩国WMS物流中心已发出
    2015-09-21 21:53:33 山东省青岛市公司 已收件
    2015-09-21 22:06:06 山东省青岛市公司 已打包
    2015-09-22 22:48:50 深圳转运中心公司 已收入
    2015-09-22 23:12:15 深圳转运中心公司 已发出
    2015-09-23 05:35:56 广东省深圳市宝安区固戍公司 已收入
    2015-09-23 05:36:20 广东省深圳市宝安区固戍公司 派件中
    2015-09-23 10:16:18 广东省深圳市宝安区固戍公司 已签收 签收人:中转仓
    2015-09-23 15:09:09 您的包裹已被中通集运仓签收
    2015-09-23 15:37:21 您的包裹已被中通集运仓正常入库
    2015-09-23 18:40:59 您的包裹已被中通集运仓正常出库
    2015-09-24 06:42:50 Documentation Prepared
    2015-09-24 06:42:51 Booking Arranged
    2015-09-24 22:49:38 In Transit to Destination
    2015-09-24 22:49:38 Arrived Hub

    What’s your advice on this ? Thank you..

    • Hi Joel, did you use one of the official Taobao forwarders? If so, the item status in your Taobao account should have been updated such that you can consolidate it for delivery to Singapore, since it looks like the item had already arrived at the forwarder warehouse. If the status is not updated, there may be some glitch or problem, so do call Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 for assistance.

  56. hi,

    Need advice, I am in Singapore, this is my 1st time buy from Taobao mobile directly via 国际转运 4PX. I bought two items now the status stuck at 待收货 status. Both items already at 物流warehouse in Shenzhen and it had stuck they for more than 5 days and left 1 days to verify storage (free for up to 20 days). What should I do next? how can I ask them to ship to my SG address or they will ship it to me automatically? Will they charge me for storage fee if it exceed 20 days? I tried to click on consolidated shipment button but it always stuck said it network problem.

    Any advice will be appreciated.


    • Hi Pkkeng, the status should have been updated since they have arrived the warehouse. Free storage is for up to 20 days, after which storage is chargeable. You need to consolidate your items and pay 4PX before they can ship to you. Do call Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 to have them assist you on this.

  57. Hi , i’ve followed the steps and it works!
    However, i encountered another problem. When i am paying the 2nd shipping fee for 4px , it said server busy but i have already submitted credit details and clicked.
    In the order it sad that i have not paid for it.

    So do i need to make another payment or not as i am afraid i might pay twice.

    • Hi Cjiayun, the best way is to check against the payment mode. E.g. If you paid with credit card, you can check your credit card transactions (usually reflected by next working day when you check via ebanking). Or you can check your payment history in Alipay. If it states that it is awaiting for payment, it means the payment did not go through.

      • Hi, I have checked my bank card and it says that it has been deducted , however that is not reflected on alipay nor taobao receipt. Its also stated 交易关闭 and 退款至银行卡.
        My package is currently at the shenzhen warehouse and i’m at lost of what to do as i have tried countless times to proceed with the 2nd shipping payment (4PX).

        Could you kindly advise some steps i should take? Thankyou

    • Hi Cjiayun, please call Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 to get assistance. Let them know that your account has been deducted (with proof of payment like screen capture of the bank card transaction) but it was not reflected in Alipay. Hopefully they can help you resolve it with 4PX.

      • Hi thank you for your help over these few weeks!
        I have successfully purchased items and problems about refunds and payments are solved!
        I contacted my bank and they said that the refund would be made within 10 days if i made repeated payments 🙂
        THankyou again !!

  58. Hi will taobao seller actually ask for your number? This is before sending out the parcel Anyone encountered this before? The conversation goes

    Seller : hi which country are you from
    Me : Singapore
    Seller : shipping will only be to the warehouse
    Me : yes I’m aware
    Seller : what’s your number
    Me : is it necessary
    Seller : yes for convenience to contact you
    Me : (I gave my actually number)
    Seller : is that your number
    Seller : please give a correct number
    ?? Is it safe to give your number? Do advice! I’m quite concerned hmmm

    • I copy & paste so you can judge my situation better
      Seller : 需要手机号的,方便联系的
      Me : *gives my actually number*
      Seller : 这是手机号么
      Seller : 请给出正确的手机号
      Seller : 不然不好发货哦

      This is getting shady????

      • Hi heyitsw, there is no need to give your number. If you are getting the official Taobao forwarder to receive your items for you in China, let the seller know that it is the forwarder warehouse in China who will receive the items on your behalf, so there is no need for you to give your mobile number. You can check with your forwarder for their China number and give it to the seller instead.

  59. Hi, its my first time purchasing items from taobao and i do not know how to go about doing so. Im intending to get about 7-8 items, mainly shoes and bags.
    Could you kindly advise on the cheapest and safest method to go about purchasing items from taobao that delivers to door in sg?

    • In addition , if i am intending to use 4px as a forwarding agent , how do i go about doing so?
      At the item page, it is automatically set at delivery to Singapore (运至 :
      广东东莞 至 新加坡 ) , but do i select 淘宝集运 OR 淘宝直送 if i want to use 4px?
      I do not understand the entire shipping procedure and which options to select too.
      Please advise !

  60. Hi Jenny,

    I bought quite a lot things from tao bao, however, I did not do any research before buying, hence , I never choose any forwarder and it has been more than 2 weeks, it stucks at shen zhen warehouse only, I really need your help here, any number that I can contact you directly to explain. Thank you very much in adv.

    • Hi bee, the items cannot be shipped to Singapore without a forwarder. Please call Taobao SEA at 800 188 6018 for assistance.

      • Hi i’ve bot many items from Tabao but funny thing is they sellers said items transaction completed but the items was still in transit to destination. Then I went to verify and the address was a different address form my address. Now I’m all confused..are all the items I bot going to reach me eventually?

        My account delivery si correct but sending address was diff. Now very worried as I bot alot of things at 1 shot aand all went to that address..

    • Hi Cam, sellers do not send to Singapore directly and you need a forwarder. Did you choose an official Taobao forwarder to help you receive your items in China? If you had chosen, you may like to check if the address is that of your forwarder’s warehouse. You may call Taobao SEA for help too (tel 800 188 6018).

  61. HI Jenny, It’s been months and when I logged into my taobao.sea, the site changes to SG. Is it the same or do I need to update my account management?
    Thanks and warmest regards. EM

    • Hi EM, I have not logged on for some time myself so I am not sure what the changes are. You can see if the parcel forwarding service is still activated and if it can still send to Singapore. You can also check with Taobao SEA facebook page.

  62. Hi jenny! I have shopped in taobao a couple of times, but can’t seem to buy air-prohibited items like lipstick/contact lens and all. Is it possible for me to get them? Or totally impossible? I know i can get them if i cancel the parcel forwarding agent, but would it be very expensive if i continue without an agent?
    Will appreciate yr help 😊

  63. Hi Jenny, wow first of all I’d like to thank you for being so responsive to all the questions here, even after almost 2 years since this blog post was published! That’s a really long time in terms of internet age. I’ve been using taobao’s forwarding service for the past 2 years now, and it all started thanks to this very helpful blog post of yours! It must be fate I ended up here again huh.

    Anyway, having shopped with taobao for so long, this is the first time I’m encountering this kind of problem. I went about the usual rites, made payment for first shipping fees, then waited for items to arrive at the warehouse, foot the second shipping fee and then have the parcel finally arrive at my doorstep. However, one order out of 5 consolidated orders was missing a few key items.

    Well, to be honest it’s happened before, but I’d never taken it personally to the shop owners on taobao or 4px (the forwarding agent I use) as 1) Language barrier – I had no idea how to make a complaint serious enough to the authorities without sounding like an elementary student, 2) I know I could’ve gotten a friend etc to help translate, however these things take time to get resolved and I’d much rather let the matter slide than getting a huge headache over it.

    This time round though, the parcel was missing not just very essential items to me, but also some of a friend’s. Nevertheless, I panicked and didn’t know what to do but I did try to get in touch with the admins of that particular shop, and used my limited Chinese to question the whereabout of my missing items.

    Turns out, they forgot to mail them together with the original parcel and so upon my request, they shipped the items out. However, as you know, taobao tracks the shipping progress of your order – from the moment it’s shipped out to the moment the warehouse signs for them. From there on out, the items are out of their hands and into the forwarding agent’s. My problem is, after talking to the admins in charge, they finally sent out my items after 2 WEEKS, and by then the original order on the 已卖到的宝贝 page has been listed as received and paid for already.

    Moreover, they mailed it out without taking note of my order no. or tracking no., and there is no way taobao can help me track the parcel down since it’s already been mailed out. I am extremely anxious now, I’m afraid that 4px will just sign for it and throw it aside since there’s no way I am able to consolidate shipping fees for that particular parcel without an order no., and its not even listed on my taobao page.

    I’m so sorry for the super long post, I am in desperate need of help and advice of what to do and I’m really hoping you are able to help me out. You can email me separately perhaps, if you’d like, then I can also send you the screenshots of my conversation with the admins of the store. Thank you so, so much!

    • Hi Jaz, the parcel could have been in 4PX without an owner, so the best thing is to get in touch with Taobao SEA asap (tel 800 188 6018). They can help you hook up with 4PX so you can get them to look for the orphaned parcel in their warehouse. Try to get as much information from the vendor as possible, like what they listed on the delivery chit, then provide them to Taobao/4PX with your name, the vendor’s name, the original order number, etc so that the warehouse can look for it.

      • Hi Jenny, after much complication, the seller informed me that the parcel was returned to them as no one had claimed the parcel. The parcel is now on its way back to them, and I’ve made arrangements so that the parcel will be delivered back to me once it’s back in the seller’s hands. I had to pay for the shipping fees a second time, though I know I can probably make a dispute over this as it’s the seller’s fault, I honestly just want to resolve the matter. Thank goodness. And thank you so much as well! 🙂

  64. Hiii, may I ask for the 2nd payment can we pay in person when we meet or we have to pay it thru the tabao account.

    • Hi Sofi, I’m sorry but I am not sure what you are referring to. My blog post merely provided shopping tips on Taobao. I do not provide shopping or payment services.

  65. Actually i am very interested to buy from Taobao. Are you providing free shipping? Please reply me so that i can buy a lot of things from Taobao China without any hesitation.

    • Hi Deena Taylor, I am merely providing tips to shop on Taobao. I do not provide shipping service. You can search for daigou (third party agent) for your shopping and shipping needs in your area.

  66. Hi Jenny,

    i use to buy things on taobao with no issue now when i try to buy stuff, the shipping auto changes to Singapore and i cant find 全国 what should i select instead is i am using 4px as a courier?


    • Hi nadine, you can check under 淘宝集运. It will indicate that 4PX’s warehouse is in 中国 广东省 深圳市 宝安区 宝安区, so you should select the area accordingly.

  67. Hi jenny,
    I have received nofications that my parcel has been received by PRouter 5 days ago. (it’s my first time buying thus I choose that, thinking that it’s cheaper) what am I supposed to do? Just continue waiting for my item to reach me or do I have to log on to pay for some extra charges that I do not know of?

    • Hi Deborah, PRouter acts as your receiving agent in China and courier to Singapore, so you will need to pay for their service. The fee is charged by weight.

  68. Hi Jenny.
    Not sure if you could help advise. I bought two items from seller but he packed into two separate parcels and shipped at different time. I received an sms from 4px to pay shipping for first item which 4px then sent to Singapore. One week later, i received another sms to pay for second parcel. However, I cannot make payment this time round based on the same purchase order number as there’s no option available to click to make payment. Any idea how to resolve this? I can’t find 4px local contact. Should I call SingPost instead! Thanks!

    • Hi Florence, since the parcels are still in China, you can call Taobao SEA to see if they liaise with 4PX on your behalf to take delivery of your parcels in this case. The hotline is 800 188 6018 .

    • Hi Hans, some sellers do not allow sales via international forwarding and some product categories are not allowed to shipped to Singapore. So even if you are able to add to cart, you won’t be able to pay for them to be sent. Unfortunately there is no simpler way to find out which items are eligible before checking out. You can try out a few sellers selling the same product. If the same thing happens, it is likely the product is not allowed for shipping to Singapore.

  69. Hi, may I know how to get the alipay payment password prompt when I checkout using the Taobao phone app? I have the Payment password already but for some reason when I checkout it doesn’t appear, and I would like to have this additional layer of security. Is there something I must turn on in settings? Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Joel, unfortunately I have not tried paying via phone app, so I am unable to share any experience on that. You may like to check with Taobao directly.

  70. Hi when using forwarding agent to consolidate packages, is there a maximum number of orders that can be consolidated?

  71. Hi, I I got a refund on taobao, wil it be transacted to my Alipay account? And when I make another purchase on Taobao, will I be able to make use of the refunded balance from the previous transaction to pay from the new order?:)

    • Hi Jo12, the refund would be credited back to your Alipay account or credit card, depending on the mode of payment you have used. If the refund is credited to your Alipay, you can use it to offset subsequent payments on Alipay.

  72. Hi when i log in my account using my hp number,the taobao acct is tied to a alipay account but when i log in the account with EMAIL add the name of the taobao account is totally different and no alipay account is tied to the taobao account and may i know why does this happened? Becoz most of my stored detailed of my seller is stored inside the email logged in account not the hp log in account

    Account was created with email and hp number but when log in with email and log in with hp number,both log in into a different taobao account

      • I have the hp number for 1 of the account and was wondering if the alipay account tied to my taobao account,do we need to have our real name on the alipay account?

    • Hi Kandayo21, I am unsure about the process for hp. You can try login to your Alipay account with your Taobao account via the 淘宝会员登录 link (just below the orange 登录 button). It is preferred to use real name for the Alipay account, but I do not know if Alipay enforces real-name policy strictly.

  73. Hi after i purchase alipay purchase card from axs machine may i know how can i topup to my taobao’s alipay account?

    • Hi Popiah, you will get a receipt from the AXS machine after you have purchased the Alipay top-up value. In the receipt is a PIN/password that you can input online in Alipay to charge the value into your account. You’ll be asked for your email address when buying the top-up value. Be sure to enter the same email address that your Alipay account is tied to.

    • Hi Popiah, if you have signed up with your mobile number, then I am unsure about the process. Please check with Taobao SEA directly.

  74. Took me a while to figure out how to sign up and deposit money into the Chinese Paypal equivalent. But I recently came across a useful website

    This guy basically made step by step screenshot guides for everything =) It helped me and hope it helps others here.

  75. Hi recently my friend introduce to taobao and i have created my account and have selected 4px as my forwarder but when they ask for the location i dont know the location for 4px and regarding the charging rate i really dont understand would u mind explaining it to me please? Thanks alot

    • Hi Popiah, when you submit purchase (提交订单) it will lead you to the Alipay payment page. (Just a note, I noticed your wallet will incur a delivery charge of nearly RMB1000 (S$200) – I hope you were aware of it.) Alipay is at . You can login with the same Taobao credentials via the “淘宝会员登录” link at the Alipay website. If you need more clarification and help, you can call Taobao Singapore office or drop a message on Taobao SEA facebook page.

      • Alright Really Appreciate yr help 🙂 and couple doubts to clear so if i want to purchase a item from taobao the address i have to put will be 4px address? then what about my own address?

    • Hi Popiah, you provide your Singapore address when you set up parcel forwarding (see buying guide “set up parcel forwarding” section: ). When you have added your address, you can activate parcel forwarding and choose the parcel forwarder. There is no need to enter the address of the forwarder when you shop. You can check if your address has been set up under account management (账号管理 > 收货地址).

    • Hi Popiah, yes that looks like the correct checkout screen. From what I understand, the Alipay account must be tied to the Taobao account with the same email. You can check with Taobao to be sure, but I would advise to use the same just in case.

      • Hey may i ask for the seller rating what does means? Is it good to trust them or just go by the crown and diamond?

    • Hi John, Tmall is just like Taobao but the sellers on Tmall are usually bigger than Taobao sellers. The buying process is the same. Its seller rating is similar to Taobao. I’d always advise to read through the buyer reviews for a good gauge of the trustworthiness and reliability of the sellers. Nevertheless, buying online can be a hit-and-miss at times given variables like possibility of goods being damaged in transit.

  76. Hey Jennyteo wayne here,may i ask which forwarder is good and cheap?
    And how do i topup my alipay? As in like if i topup via AXS how will it work?

  77. Hello,

    I would like to ask if I’ve forgotten to pay my international freight forwarding charges after I’ve merge the payment (I think i exceeded the time out time), how do i make payment? Because i coudn’t find the “Pay freight forwarding” (Orange button) anymore as maybe I’ve exceeded my time out.

    • Hi Fina, you can try go directly to Alipay to see if there are any outstanding payments. If not, please call Taobao Singapore 800 188 6018 who can advise you on the procedure to make payment.

  78. When i try to check out a item that cost 58 rmb and when i try to use enets to pay it shows 13.62 + $1 and does that means it will be shipped to singapore or just in china?

  79. Hey! I hope to find some help with my problem is there a better alternate way we could contact by email or whatsapp? Having issue purchasin from Taobao

    • Hi John, it’ll be better to seek assistance from Taobao directly. I am just sharing basic experience here and in the best position to advise on Taobao. You can call Taobao Singapore office: 800 188 6018 or submit your queries on Taobao SEA Facebook page: .

  80. Hi, when I tried inputting my address, I’m unable to find Singapore in the list of country options.

      • Ah thanks. I previously tried searching twice but wasn’t able to find it. I managed to find it just now! 🙂

  81. Hi jenny! First of all, thanks for the useful guide!
    I have a question regarding the i ternational forwarding agent. I chatted with my seller regarding shipment overseas but he told me they don’t ship I asked him if i can use international forwarding agent to ship my stuff over but he told me he could not help me.
    Is there such a case where the seller is unable to send to the warehouse in shenzhen or he’s unaware of the international forwarding agent.
    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Jun, many sellers are not aware of how international forwarding works. International forwarders act like your agents to receive your goods in China on your behalf before sending them over to you in Singapore. Most sellers are able to send to the forwarding agents’ warehouses in China although some have disallowed such a service as they prefer to sell only to local buyers who can check the items on the spot so that there is less dispute over returns and refunds. Also, certain items are prohibited from leaving China by China customs and/or entering Singapore by Singapore customs. These items have been listed by Taobao on the website.

  82. Please help me. I’ve bought some things from Taobao. Before checking out, I’ve picked overseas option and got the visa option. I entered my number then click next. However, the next page keeps loading forever and ever… I refreshed it many times, but it still gave me loading notice. How can I pay? 😦

    • Hi Castiel, clear the cache in your browser and try again. Do not refresh when making payment as it may make multiple deductions. If it does not work, I suggest you call Taobao Singapore hotline: 800 188 6018 .

      • I don’t think it’s cache problem. I tried it from home. Tried it from work (different PCs – same result). I dont think it makes deduction because the loading is really forever. I’ve seen it loading for like an hour. I’m actually from Indonesia. So I guess there’s no way to buy directly from Taobao (sigh)….

        Does Taobao have any English email outlet where I can send my complaint to?

    • Hi Castiel, I don’t think Taobao supports official forwarding service to Indonesia at the moment. You can drop your queries on Taobao’s Facebook page: .

  83. Hi Jenny,

    May I know if you experience this before? 4px message me that I should receive the goods by 6pm last Friday if I opt for home delivery. However, I opted for post box but I did not receive any message from them to

    • Hi joellle, I am unsure if opting for POPStation boxes will generate SMS notifications from 4PX side, although logically it should since you will need a PIN to unlock the box. Perhaps you can call Singpost to check?

  84. Hello Jenny, I’m from Singapore and I’m so glad that you are still responding to all these questions from people. I too also need help here. I just ordered things from Taobao yesterday and I’m also a first time user. I have paid for my things, however i have not gone thru a chat with the seller at as she was offline all the while, however i have sent a msg and not getting any reply. I’m getting worry if my money is going to waste as there were no reviews and transaction either.Do you think i should make a refund of my money ?

    Some questions:

    1) What is the shortest duration and method for my parcel to reach my house? How expensive?

    2)How much is the shipping fee from Singapore to my house and how long does it takes to reach from singapore to my house?

    3)How do you use discounts coupons?Is it those gold color coins in Taobao?

    4) Do i get refund of full money if money do not reply with time frame ?

    5) What the cheapest method of buying ? How long is that ?

    6)what is the IC of 18 digits refer to for certification?

    7) Is not using 4px all these forwarders faster for delivery ?

    Thank you.

    • Hi singaporeplus,

      1) What is the shortest duration and method for my parcel to reach my house? How expensive?
      > Taobao official forwarders usually take less than a week since they ship by air. You can check the rates of the forwarders on Taobao here: They charge by weight.

      2)How much is the shipping fee from Singapore to my house and how long does it takes to reach from singapore to my house?
      >as above

      3)How do you use discounts coupons?Is it those gold color coins in Taobao?
      >淘金币 can be used to offset the value. You can earn by signing in to the website everyday, or do certain tasks like collecting them when you have successfully paid for eligible purchases, etc. For tmall, you can earn 天猫积分 to offset future purchases when you buy eligible Tmall items.

      4) Do i get refund of full money if money do not reply with time frame ?
      > You can apply for refund if you do not receive your items. There is a 退款/退货 button on the item for a limited time after you have purchased it. If the time period for returns/refunds is up, you can seek help from Taobao to mediate. There is a Singapore hotline: 800 188 6018.

      5) What the cheapest method of buying ? How long is that ?
      > Third party daigou agents offer shipping by sea which takes longer but is a cheaper option. However, they operate separately as individual businesses (like middlemen) unaffiliated with Taobao, so you have to liaise separately with them. You can search forums for reviews of these daigou agents by users.

      6)what is the IC of 18 digits refer to for certification?
      > That is for local buyers in China and not applicable for overseas buyers.

      7) Is not using 4px all these forwarders faster for delivery ?
      > 4PX is one of the official Taobao forwarders. I am not sure how the speed of delivery compare with other forwarders or daigou agents. You can consider trying different forwarders and agents for less urgent shipments and compare the costs and speed. Alternatively you can check forums like hardwarezone where users share their experiences on using the various forwarders and agents.

  85. hi jenny,

    I have been buying lots of things from taoboa and really like the cheap things there, recently I tried to buy medicine for my piles conditions, they direct me to Tmall, and when I clicked on buy and use 4px courier to shipped to Singapore, the prompt is that it will not shipped to warehouse only personal address, but they wont shipped to Singapore direct, do you have any experiences of how to buy medicine from taoboa, tmall , and then shipped to Singapore using courier such as 4px first kg is only 43 yuan.

    • Hi jack chan, the process of buying from tmall is similar to taobao is the same. Just select the forwarder as 4PX and the location for the 4PX warehouse in Shenzhen. However, I am not sure if there is any restrictions for medicine. You may like to check with Taobao Singapore by calling their hotline: 800 188 6018.

  86. Hi Jenny, I am Malaysian and bought a lot of things from TaoBao. I really enjoy buying on TaoBao not only things are cheap, I can also chat with the buyer directly. They reply really fast. I read your replied for readers and you are really helpful! I have a blog to share my TaoBao experiences too. I hope I can help people like you. Please check it out and give me some comments.

    • Hi My loves TaoBao, glad to hear that you have had positive experiences shopping on Taobao too! I have checked out your blog and I think it may be nice to include some information that are useful to Malaysian buyers, like the forms of payment methods unique to Malaysian buyers. Happy shopping and blogging!

  87. Hi Jenny,

    Recently, I’ve ordered some items on taobao and delivery via 4px. As of now, my package is with Speedpost- but the status has been “With delivery courier” for 2 days. Normally, when the status is “with delivery courier” I would recieve on the same day.

    And, as inefficient as Speedpost has always been – they were not helpful at all and have no idea where the parcel actually is.
    I was wondering if anyone here has experienced the same issue and if my parcel is missing !

    Thank you for the help!

    • Hi Gladys, hope you have had already received your package. Singpost is normally quite prompt with delivery, but that also depends on workload as well.

  88. Hi Jenny,
    May i ask you if i get this from the tracking message 已签收,签收人是PDA图片签收 what should i do ? I am very lost now because when i called taobaosea hotline they said that seller sent to another state 4px couldn’t receive the package ask me to press refund. When the seller contact me ask me why did i cancel the order and i said package didn’t received and the seller told me that he sent the package to 4PX as per the forwarder address… and ask me to call china 4px no. directly …

    • Hi Joy, the 已签收 message could have been from transit courier to another and may not mean it has reached the warehouse. From the transit statuses, you should be able to see track where the package is at different points of transit as an item often goes through different transit warehouses before it reaches the final warehouse. Sellers usually take a photo of the delivery address on package to show that they have sent the item out. Check with the seller for that to confirm if he had sent to the correct 4PX address then aliwangwang 4PX to check. If things do not get resolved, do call Taobao Singapore helpline again to explain what the seller had told you since there’s a discrepancy in the understanding. Taobao Singapore should be able to help you liaise with them.

      • thank you Jenny ! i was so kan chiong and didn’t know what to do ! first time buying from taobao directly and this kind of things happen hahaha.. thank u for the tips !

  89. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks so much for the informative post! I ordered some stuff from taobao and it seems to have reached the warehouse, but for some reason there isn’t an option to consolidate and send them to me? The status info is “等待买家合单” and “包裹入库成功” so I’m not sure what I should do now.

    • Hi Jasmine, there should be an option to consolidate if the items have reached the warehouse. You can aliwangwang 4PX to check on the issue or call Taobao Singapore helpline to liaise with them.

  90. Hi Jenny:

    If I were buy an item which weights less than 1kg , do I still have to pay $48Yuan/kg for starters or would i actually have to pay lesser than that?


    • Hi Joshua, for the forwarder I use, the min weight chargeable is 1kg, and subsequently chargeable at 500g blocks after the 1st kg. So even if my package is 100g, I will have to pay the rate applicable for 1st kg. You can check the rates for the respective forwarders at Taobao SEA website.

  91. Hi, thanks for the great guide for shopping on taobao!

    Any idea how we can shop on Tmall? for taobao the delivery option can set to 全国, but on Tmall I have to choose a province. Do i choose the location where 4px’s warehouse is located (e.g Shenzhen/Shanghai)? please advice~

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Hi Eve, yes, it is now compulsory to choose location for Tmall, although I am not sure why. You are right – just choose the location of the warehouse of the forwarder which is stated when you choose the forwarder service.

  92. HI, I have vPost as the shipping agent, cost of shipping from US to SG can be exorbitant, esp how they calculate the chargeable weight (derived from actual weight), i had articles 4 times the actual weight. Do you have a recommended one, just for taobao shipping i.e. china to singapore?

    • Hi Sawn, forwarders usually charge by either volumetric or actual weight. For Taobao, they have official forwarders integrated in the system. However they only offer air shipping for now. There are also third-party daigou agents offering both air and sea options. You can try google for keywords like daigou, taobao, singapore etc. I have yet to use one before though. Remember to check the many recommendations and reviews for such agents before deciding.

  93. Hi!

    I’m in need of help. This doesn’t happen to me but today it did. Usually when I make payment, I just click enets, then can proceed with the payment easily. But now, it requires me to type alipay password which I thought same as my taobao password. I tried signing up for alipay to get my new payment password but I got rejected. Is there any suggestion? Or are you able to give me taobao SINGAPORE customer service hotline number or anything. I really need help urgently.

    • Hi Fina, you can login to Alipay with your Taobao account. You can find the link on the bottom left below the orange login button. If it doesn’t work, you can call Taobao Singapore helpline 800 188 6018.

      • Hi! Do you encounter this problem during your payment process whereby they need payment alipay password to proceed?

    • Hi Fina, there are two passwords for Alipay. The first is the Alipay login password which is the same as Taobao when we registered for an account. The second is the Alipay payment password which was set up when we were using Alipay for the first time, if I recalled correctly. The second one is like an additional layer of security to prevent people who know the Taobao password but not the Alipay payment password to use it to make payments. I am unsure how to reset the second one, but you can call Taobao Singapore if you need help to reset passwords.

  94. Hi jenny

    Thanks for your comprehensive guide on buying on TB. I have followed closely and also selected 4px. However, how do I enable settings to allow me to receive sms when items reached China warehouse? So far I do not receive any sms at all and it is hassle to constantly check and monitor if I’ve received any goods. Appreciate your advice. Thanks!

    • Hi Fiona, if you have already provided your mobile no when registering, you should be able to receive SMSes from 4PX when your goods arrive at China warehouse, though it may not always be on time. Logging in to check the status at end of every other day is still the best way if you would like to keep close tabs on the delivery status.

  95. Hi Jenny,

    today when I login to my taobao account, it was blocked due to security issue, showing this message “您的账户存在安全问题,已被保护”. The webpage directed me to do 实名认证, ask me to login to 支付宝 进行身份信息验证(实名校验)and request me to key in 大陆身份号码. But I’m not PRC, how will I have 大陆身份号码!! I tried keying in my mobile phone or passport number, but both were rejected. Do you know of any solution to unblock my account. I still have outstanding payment to make urgently.

  96. hi Jenny, now I’m very stressed…. i took the guts and tried buying for the first time at TaoBao after a long consideration….. haiz…. now one of my sellers sent me incorrect amount of items and refunded partially into the alipay account called 支付宝. I have no idea at all how to use this….

    how to refund this amount back to the credit card i used to make payment initially…. then i came across these 3 terms:
    充 值 / 提 现 / 转 账

    Then I saw that it seems to have charges if I were to transfer this refund back to my credit card. Any advice?

    I thought the refund should be returned back to my credit card? How come it’s in Alipay account?

    • Hi bloodymiko, by default the refund should be returned to whatever method that has been used for payment. Alipay is the payment platform that supports Alipay purchase card, credit cards, debit cards, and eNets for overseas buyers. You can check your credit card transactions online to see if the refund has been credited back to you. It usually takes a few days to be reflected in the bill. Functions like 充 值 / 提 现 / 转 账 are only applicable for China users who use Alipay for fund transfers and other bill payments (not Taobao). For overseas users like us, Alipay only allows us to pay and get refund for Taobao shopping.

      • Thanks a lot for the clarification! I read about it somewhere in Alipay FAQ but your answers is definitely assuring to me…. really appreciate it! Thank you… Thank you….

  97. Hi Jenny,
    Really appreciate your posting on TaoBao as I’d been contemplating for a horrendous long time before deciding to venture into this online shopping. However I am confused about the special goods such as gelish nail polishes & acrylic liquid remover (considered as liquid), acrylic powder (considered as powder), UV / LED lamp (electrical items) are categorized. So I can’t use 4PX as they don’t air-ship prohibited items? So what should I do? Do I use sea-ship forwarders? Which un-official forwarder would you recommend? Since it’s sea-ship, won’t it take a long time to ship to Singapore? Then how to extend the payment to the sellers since buyers can only extend for 3 days (on top of the original 10 days deadline when Taobao will release the payment to sellers)? Many Thanks!

    • Hi bloodymiko, the shipping rate charged by Taobao official forwarders for special goods is much higher than that of normal goods. Sea-shipping via daigou agents (or third-party agents) may be a cheaper option. I haven’t tried daigou agents so I don’t know much about them, but you can search for terms like taobao agent, taobao daigou, etc and you should get many results. I strongly recommend reading through the comments from forums like hardwarezone for reviews from buyers who had used the daigou services. They are very informative and useful in helping you decide which agents offer better rates and service. Sea-shipping may take a few weeks to a month to reach its destination and that’s why it is cheaper compared to shipping by air. I don’t recall there’s any other way to further extend the payment release period since this was originally meant for only the China buyers who do not have to wait as long as overseas buyers. You can check with Taobao or the daigou agents about mitigation options in the event of payment or delivery dispute.

      • Geez… actually have been reading up on blogs and forums like hardwarezone too…. 🙂 but so tough to make up the mind and decide on one…. so trying my luck to get more info from nice ppl like you who shared knowledge and ideas so generously…. thanks for your fast response!

  98. Hi Jenny,

    I would like to enquire, how many days does it usually take for an item to reach the agent’s warehouse?

    2015-03-15 13:33:42卖家已发货
    2015-03-15 18:14:43DZ河北高碑店 快件在DZ河北高碑店装车,正发往北京分拨中心
    2015-03-16 23:30:21北京分拨中心 快件到达北京分拨中心,上一站是DZ河北高碑店
    2015-03-17 20:29:42北京分拨中心 快件在北京分拨中心装车,正发往汉口分拨中心
    2015-03-18 22:18:48汉口分拨中心 快件到达汉口分拨中心,上一站是北京分拨中心
    2015-03-18 22:47:04汉口分拨中心 快件在汉口分拨中心装车,正发往虎门分拨中心

    These are what I’ve been receiving and it still hasn’t reached the agent’s warehouse and it states that I only have “请注意自动打款时间 还剩5天17时” before it automatically pays the seller so i’m pretty worried if it still hasn’t arrived after 5 days.

    • Hi Fann Lim, delivery time may vary depending on location, since China is a very big country. I’d say wait for another 1-2 days to see if it has arrived at the warehouse. There is a link at the item page that allows you to delay payment for extra few days if needed.

  99. Hi jenny. I’ve made my first order with taobao recently and I’m currently waiting for my package to be delivered to sg by 4px. When I check my order status it states that my parcel is still on its way to singapore. However, it’s been stuck that way for 2 days already. Yesterday I revieved a SMS that said it will be delivered by 6pm and they provided me with a tracking number. I used that tracking number to check with singpost and the status of my item is with delivery courier. Does this mean that my item is already at singpost or is it still with 4px? Please advice on what I should do next thank you!:)

    • Hi Kezia, sometimes the delivery status on Taobao may not be that updated. I get that often too. Singpost is one of 4px’s local delivery partners. Since Singpost already confirmed that the item is with their courier, it means it has reached Singapore and ready for delivery, so just wait for your parcel to reach you soon 🙂

  100. Hi Jenny,

    I was trying to log in to my taobao account but I kept getting directed to ” 请输入您需要开通账户的帐户名 ” page and once I am done and am able to log in to my alipay aite I still wasn’t able to log in to my taobao account to view my cart and stuff. Please help! Thank you!!

    • Hi Vanessa, usually if you are able to log in to Alipay (with same Taobao login credentials), you should be able to log in to Taobao. This sounds like a technical problem. Do give Taobao Singapore hotline a call to request for assistance.

      • Thanks for the reply! May I know where to get Taobao sg hotline? I googled but couldn’t find any.

  101. Hi I have encountered some problems logging in to my Taobao account and would really appreciate if you could help me! When i log in to my Taobao account, an “Open an Account” page appears. I would have to write my email down and a confirmation code. After, it will lead me to an “Authentication” page with a “Verify Now” button. When I click it, it leads me to the Alipay page where I have to login. I logged in and it leads to to a blue and white “Verified” page with a yellow “Immediatly Certification (mainland)” button, and 4 options below Macau, Taiwainese, Expatriate and Taobao Shop Certification. None of these fit me and I’m not sure what to do. I have a few items that I have to make payment for freight forwarding and I have never used Alipay to make payments. I always use my Mastercard. I’m not sure what to do now 😦

    • Hi jas, if you already have a Taobao account, you shouldn’t be required to open an account again. Try clear the cache of your browser and see if you can log in again. If yes, access Alipay via the link in Taobao’s navigation menu on top right. You should already be logged in to Alipay since it shares the same login as Taobao. Alipay is the payment platform, and supports not just Alipay purchase card but also credit cards. If you still can’t resolve the problem, please call Taobao Singapore 800 188 6018. It will be helpful if you can make screen captures of the problems so it will be easier to explain to them.

  102. Hi Cynthia

    I recently just tried my hands on Taobao shopping, I have always been adamant to try because it seemed really complicated, but I took the first step and I was very excited to make my purchases, opt to use 4px to ship it directly to SG, and I even successfully paid with Alipay!

    I ordered from two different merchants, just some pieces of clothes. However both merchants don’t seem to be responding to my orders at all. I have made payment successfully since 7 March and they have not dispatch my items even till today, regardless of all the reminders I could send with their nifty reminder button. Both merchants do have rather good reviews and popularity online, many shoppers left positive reviews for the same items I ordered. Is it normal to wait so long for Taobao merchants to respond to orders? Most people seem to have a rather smooth process shopping on Taobao, and my first attempt is already making me quite worried…

    Thank you for reading and I look forward to your advice!

    • Hi Charmaine, if you have already chosen the forwarder during payment, then the sellers should usually process orders within a day or so. You can contact the sellers on Aliwangwang to check with them. If they do not respond or still do not send out the items, do call Taobao Singapore 800 188 6018 to explain your situation so they can mediate and liaise for a solution with the sellers.

  103. The seller sent me the wrong item and I have applied for a refund. How do I return the item? Do I use the same forwarding agent, 4PX in my case? Who bears the cost of shipping the item back? Thanks for your help.

    • Hi LK, as I mentioned in my post, returns and refunds for wrong orders are tricky to handle as the buyer usually has to bear shipping costs back to China, since the sellers at most will only bear the return costs within China. You can check with 4PX if they can arrange for shipping back to China seller and the related costs. I experienced this before and I wrote them off as bad debts, but I informed the sellers about them (with photo as evidence) and negotiated for discounts off subsequent purchases.

  104. Hi Jenny, one of my items is stuck at the status 等待仓库签收 for a few days. Should I continue waiting? If not, what should I do about it to be able to consolidate for shipping.

    • Hi Karen, it is not that common for items to be stuck for a few days at the warehouse as it has already resumed operations after CNY break. I suggest you call Taobao Singapore hotline 800 188 6018 to request for assistance. They should be able to liaise and resolve it for you.

  105. Hi Jenny,
    I’m in quite a fix here and was hoping if you’d be able to render some advice! I’m new to Taobao so I accidentally blundered. Basically I ordered two packages from different sellers and chose Lequgou as my shipping agent. So far one of the packages has reached Lequgou’s warehouse. As both packages will total up to less than 1kg in weight, I was hoping to wait for the other package to reach them and combine both orders into a single shipment to minimize shipment fees (paying 43RMB to ship both packages together). However, I accidentally clicked to proceed with shipment payment for that package that had reached them, but I have yet to pay the amount. So now the package is listed under “待付款”, awaiting my payment of 43RMB for its shipment. There’s no option to cancel this 订单 and the options for combining shipment etc. under “待收货” have disappeared as well. Have messaged Lequgou about this and awaiting their response but from feedback I gathered, they are extremely unresponsive. Is there any way for me to retract this 订单 and wait for the other package to reach them, then combine shipment into a single payment? Thanks so much for your time! 🙂

    • Hi retroboxx, if Lequgo hasn’t replied, you can call Taobao SEA (Singapore hotline 800 188 6018). They should be able to liaise with Lequgo and rectify this for you. Let them know that you had contacted Lequgo and they did not respond to you.

  106. Hey! I’ve completed adding my items in the cart, adding in the mailing address and paid and everything too. However I have received emails of refunds, “支付撤回通知‏” and “充值退回成功提醒‏”. I have more than sufficient money in the card for payment though! Yesterday, I arrived at alipay’s site with “正在加载中,如果页面长时间无法显示,请刷新页面” for all my items and I can’t seem to opt to “re-pay” anywhere too for some reason. Today, Taobao keeps asking me to login and verify, I cant even go to the cart at all as clicking on the cart. It just brings me to login & verify before getting stuck at alipay’s login page where they want me to download something for the password thing. I’m stuck, do help please! 😦

    • Hi Zan, the refunds could be due to some of the order transactions being automatically cancelled by sellers due to reasons unknown. I’m not sure why you are unable to re-login. You can check these issues directly with Taobao via their Singapore hotline 800 188 6018.

  107. How do I specify SingPost POP station as the delivery address in I read in POP station website that is one of the online shopping sites POP station serves. Thanks.

    • Hi doris, the options to choose POPStation or home delivery will appear when you are prompted to select your forwarding agent after submitting orders for payment.

  108. Hello Jenny, need some help i tried to delete Alipay but its binded to the taobao account and there is no settings button to unbind it so that the Alipay can be deleted.

    • Hi su ling, the Alipay account is created by default when registering for a Taobao account. I am not aware of any way to untie Alipay from Taobao since buyers need Alipay account to pay for Taobao purchases.

  109. Hello, thank you so much for the guide it was extremely helpful 🙂

    I have ordered and paid for my items, using 4PX forwarder. The items have arrived at the china warehouse and consolidated. However, i am unable to process the second payment, it keeps getting stuck at the page which states ‘正在加载中,如果页面长时间无法显示,请刷新页面…’. I tried refreshing, clearing cache, change browser and internet provider but the page is still stuck.

    My items are now stuck at the warehouse, have you faced this situation before? I need help 😦

    • Hi yushi, I experienced it once and couldn’t proceed with payment for the whole day, but it worked the next day, so you can try again today. The system might be too busy now processing too many orders as the delivery window is closing soon with CNY coming up. If you still have the problem today, you can call Taobao SEA office in Singapore at 800 188 6018 for help.

      • Hi, thank you for your reply 🙂

        I called the office and opted for enets instead which worked quite well 🙂

        once again thanks

  110. Hi jenny!
    Recently i bought from taobao, but 4PX did not give me a tracking number. I asked them to deliver it to the POPstation at bukit gombak, but i’ve not gotten any email or sms about it either 😦

    On the logistics flow, its now stuck at 包裹正在派送中. What does it mean? Its been like this since 3 days ago. thanks so much for your help!!

    • Hi Danny, you can find tracking no at 我的淘宝 > 已买到的宝贝 > 国际集运 > 我的集运订单 tab > 查看集运物流. 包裹正在派送中 means :package is being delivered”. You can ask 4PX on Aliwangwang for the contact no of the local delivery partner that is handling your package.

      • Is the waybill number the same as the tracking number? I called Singpost and they said i had to have a tracking number starting with and ending with 2 alphabets..

  111. Hi, to all Taobao shoppers.

    For your info. only. I have been shopping in taobao for the pass year with my wife with no problem using 4px to consolidate our goods but the since mid of January this year there seems to be a change in their policy in accepting goods and they are no longer friendly towards customer that do not follow the new policy.
    I am an avid buyer for remote control planes and quadcopters and these items sometime are sent out by the seller with missing or faulty parts. As such I will normally demand the seller to replace these parts and to be sent to 4px again. What I need to do is to inform 4px of the parcel tracking no. and consolidate it latter. So far no problem but since mid January 4px told me they will no longer accept these items beginning Feb meaning item that is not listed as purchase in my taobao account. I argued with them that I have a few more items on the way and the item that I purchase will have these replacement quite frequently and they took down the order no. of the few items that is on the way and promise to ship it out but until today they keep repeating the new policy rule decline to accept the items that reach their warehouse. Contacting them thru Aliwangwang everyday is met with one or 2 response at the end of the day or no response and I have to keep repeating the same story to them. Thru phone there is no one to pick up the call on the other end. Taobao advise me to ask a seller that I know to create a fake purchase and put in the tracking no. as to fool 4px to accept the incoming item.
    4px on the other end actually was rude to ask us to go to other courier services. What the ××××!
    At the end I just redirected the item to another courier company that charge much higher.
    Therefore I will stop shopping taobao for now until I find a way to resolve this stupid issue.
    My advise to those who buy items that has many parts or possibly parts that has high faulty rates to take this matter into consideration when ordering cos 4px is no longer friendly or helpful in solving customer issues. More like they are driving customer away by pretending not to know what is happening by asking u the repeat the same story on every new day you are contacting them and slow response or no response at all.

    • I understand where you are coming from and I’m not going against you but from my understanding, they can’t do it anymore due to the custom checks become stricter and they will reject any parcels that contains objects that are not as listed (aka their new rule). If I’m not wrong, your only option currently is to ship these lone packages (your replacement parts if I’m not reading you wrongly) out individually as one shipment.

      I had one package resent and the seller could not change the shipping number of my order to the new one because the deal was already completed, so it became 无主件包裹. I had to pay the 43元 price for a 100g package hahaha. Just 3 days before the new rule was implemented, 4px helped me consolidate another package that did not have the shipping no. listed on my order (bought 2 items from seller who sent out in 2 separate packages and only listed one on the order) with another order of mine (example to show that I do understand what you’re talking about regarding the consolidation hahaha)

      I don’t think 4px is really to be blamed on the new rule, though I have to agree that their replies are getting slower these days.. 😦 Also, different agents are online at different times, so I do believe it’s not surprising that they ask you to repeat your problem again and again since they might actually not know what’s happening. The agent who served me the previous day tend to not be online the next day and 4px will just direct me to whichever agent is online (take note of the agent numbers!)

      • Like you said they used to insert items with no tracking no. to items with tracking no. which I have in my account but they just resist to do it nowdays and after mush pestering they are able to create individual item that actually appear separately in my consolidation page for me to pay for shipment. Now that’s a question mark on my side why it can be done but yet they insist it cannot. Secondly they promised me earlier that these few items they will let it pass but then denied even when we provide proof on the earlier conversation to them they just stop replying until the next day again asking what is the issues again the next day.
        Throughout the conversation in Aliwangwang we were very courteous to them but they are the ones that just stop replying and we have to wait for the next day to repeat the same process.
        Furthermore I know that 4px also doing other shipping for manufacturer or wholesalers that do not go thru taobao or other e-commerce company so if they can declare those goods to the custom I don’t see why they cannot help to insert the non tracking no. item to my tracked item.
        Anyway appreciate your suggestion and anyone else on these matter cos its really great to shop at taobao with the savings and items they offer in there but without a solution, for now I have to slow down cos I don’t want to receive items that has a defective part and I cannot even used it unless I pay extra for another courier service which will render the savings we get from shopping in taobao.;)

  112. Hello. Any idea which local courier is Prouter now using? I’m getting impatient with them.

    • Hi Kevin, I am not sure who is Prouter’s local courier. You can check directly with them for the name and contact details of their local partner.

    • I assume you have received your package by now, but I’m just leaving this here for the benefit of others. Prouter uses Dex-i. Wah lau. Really really sibeh slow.

  113. Hi, recently, i’ve made the second payment and am currently waiting to receive the taobao items. I used 4Px. However, today, i received many notifications from taobao & 旺信 messenger app that says “确认收货超时 系统将自动打款给卖家”.
    May i know what does it mean?

    • Hi Cynthia, “确认收货超时 系统将自动打款给卖家” means “exceeded time limit to confirm receipt from seller, system will automatically release payment to seller”. It is more applicable to China buyers since they receive goods quicker than overseas buyers. The Taobao system automatically releases payment to sellers after a stipulated amount of time given for buyers to “confirm receipt” for the items.

  114. Hi Jenny

    I had make the payment using credit card. And I notice that Alipay saves my credit card details. But I couldnt find a way to remove my card details. You have any idea how to? 😦

    • Hi Kenny, when you fill in your credit card details for the first time, there is a checkbox that offers to store your details at the bottom which you can uncheck. Unfortunately there is currently no way to remove credit card details once saved. I have the same issue as well and I once gave my feedback to Taobao on this but to no avail.

      • I see. Thanks for sharing. Btw how many days did you wait for 4PX before they sent out the orders? Paid 3 days ago and it seems they can’t give me a definite time on when they are able to ship out from their warehouse 😦

    • Hi Kenny, the times varies as it depends on the volume they have to handle at the warehouse. It can be as fast as a day or as slow as a week as I had experienced before because of backlog.

      • Ah I see.. It’s been over a week for me now 😦 I get this message
        “当前订单状态: 卖家已发货,等待买家确认 您还有 7天20小时13分6秒来完成本次交易的”确认到货”。 逾期未操作,系统将自动确认收货,将货款支付给卖家(4px财务收款)。如果您还未收到货,可以与卖家联系,申请“延长收货时间”。如果您收到货不满意,可以申请“退款””

        You have any idea what does this means? Wonder why its not shipped out yet..

    • Hi Kenny, 卖家已发货 means the seller (4PX in this case) has already shipped out. You can Aliwangwang 4PX to check on the delivery status.

      • Hello Jenny. Received this 货物到达目的地港口 for the past couple of days. Does this means it’s stuck at SG customs? Aliwangwang 4px and they told me my goods is in Singapore. But I’m not sure about that because there was nothing much on the tracking details, only states it has been shipped out and the one above..

    • Hi Kenny, yes, 货物到达目的地港口 means “goods arrived at destination port”. They are either still at the SG customs or at the SG warehouse awaiting delivery arrangement. Can ask 4PX the contact number for their SG delivery company so you can call directly to check.

      • Hi Jenny, did you encounter a situation where you would like a refund for a particular item due to poor quality and defects? Have requested and it seems that amount is credited back to my Alipay account but not directly to my credit card. Any advise?

    • Hi Kenny, I had requested for refunds before on the Taobao system and they were credited back the same way I paid for since they were reversals of the original payment. Anyway even if the amount is credited back to Alipay account, you can use it for future purchases.

  115. Hi Jenny,
    thanks for the information you had provided=)
    I am thinking of buying the Alipay Purchase card from AXS machine,can you help me with more info regarding this? Thanks.

    • Hi Bellehoney, just select “Top-Up > Alipay Purchase Card” at the AXS machine. Here’s some information: . Remember to input the same email address that is tied to your Taobao Alipay account. The AXS machine will print a receipt with a PIN code. You’ll then enter that PIN when logged in to your Taobao Alipay account and the amount will be topped up to your Alipay account. This top-up option for SEA users only allows for paying for Taobao shopping and not for other purposes like paying China bills that are only for China users.

    • Hi zL, you would not have the PIN code needed to top up the Alipay account if the receipt is lost. I suggest that you can check with Taobao directly to see if they can help you retrieve the information needed to top up the account? It’d be helpful if you can provide them with the transaction details like date and time and AXS location.

      • zL : Chk yr email inbox that u used to key in when u purchased the Alipay to-up at AXS. They do send the serial card no & pin to that email as well.

  116. Hi Jenny
    It’s my first time buying from Tao Bao so I’m a bit worried about my package. I bought some items form the same seller and they packed and send it out to my forwarder in two packages. One has arrived at the warehouse but the other has been stuck in the same status for quite sometime already. (上海市长宁区西部公司 已签收 签收人:邮件收发章). Is there anyway to get the package sent to the forwarder???

    • Hi Sam, do alert the seller about the stuck package as he/she should be able to check the delivery status with the courier that they had used.

    • Hi Sam I am in the same situation as you, may I know if you managed to get your goods in the end? Thanks!

  117. Hi Jenny, any idea if we can find out the weight of the item we are purchasing before making payment?

    • Hi Kelly, some item pages will list information such as weight and dimensions. If there is no such information provided, you can check directly with the seller.

  118. hi jenny! I need desperate help. so the seller sent the wrong thing and I contacted prouter because it’s stated on the buyer protection page that the forwarder should bear the costs. however prouter refused to do so even after I contacted Taobao. what should I do and do other forwarders do this too? need an urgent reply thank you!

    • Hi kimberly, how did Taobao respond when you told them PRouter refused to do so? If Taobao is unable to mediate, then there’s nothing much you can do. I have not done returns before so I do not know how the other forwarders handle such issues. Most of the times buyers will just write off as irrecoverable loss since doing overseas returns are often tricky.

  119. Pingback: [Guide]: Buying from Taobao/Tmall/Aliexpress | Buyfromwhere?

  120. Hey will there be a huge difference in shipping costs if i just go by Taobao’s Singapore agent)?Because I think shipping is pretty reasonable,like $1 for 500grams.Thanks!

    • Hi Joe, it’s up to personal preference whether to go with Taobao’s forwarding partners or third-party daigou agents like sgshop. Some prefer third-party agents because it is less hassle and offer services like cheaper option of shipping by sea. Regardless which way you choose, it’s best to research for reviews on the agents.

    • Hmmm … you have to do your Maths calculations properly.

      Can I buy on taobao myself and just use them to ship or they must do the buying for me?

      The items on their site is very expensive compared to the prices on taobao and v limited choices

      In any case, see , they go by volumetric too, whichever higher.

      There is $1 handling fees per item/parcel & 8% fees.

      So you have to do the detailed calculations for comparing which is cheaper and whether is it worth the wait . As time is money too。

      But their conversion rate is still at fixed $1SGD to 4.5CNY now.

      Last time it’s better to do purchase direct with taobao on your own because the bank or alipay conversion rate is $1sgd to 4.8-4.9cny. So it’s more worth it to buy on your own. But now cny currency is stronger. Bank rates is 4.4cny to 4.5cny!

  121. Hey will there be a huge difference in shipping costs if i just go by Taobao’s Singapore agent)?Because I think shipping is pretty reasonable,like $1 for 500g.Thanks!

  122. Hi Jenny, I’m from Malaysia. I would like to know how to top up my 支付宝?I’ve checked with taobao, they are not accepting Malaysia credit card for top up. Can you advise any alternative?

  123. Just to share. Recently used PRouter again, without knowing that it was once features in news in July on the v bad delivery warehouse state. But heard it changed its forwarder (Singapore) hence after.

    Mine is DEXI this round with PRouter . And the tracking is prompt on taobao tracker but just v v slow delivery.

    Ordered on 13th Dec, item reached airport on 17th Dec. On 19th Dec flight to singapore.

    But since then it’s constantly on “out on delivery” status (updated almost everyday to the same status) for 8 days.

    Eventually I still recieved it (lucky) on 29th Dec.
    Maybe due to Christmas so it’s delayed.

    You can also track at
    Similarly to the updates from taobao direct.

    Thanks 😉

    • Hi Choo Em Ger Zude, it depends on personal preference. Alipay purchase card incurs no additional fee except perhaps the difference in exchange rate. Credit cards incur fee of 3% of total bill and also difference in exchange rate but is more convenient than purchase card. I’ve not used eNets before, but I recall the fee is S$1 per transaction. Not sure about DBS cards.

      • eNets ($1 fee) is worthwhile only if yr total transaction amt is >RMB150. Hence, if possible, consolidate all yr orders & pay in 1 transaction.

        I’ved used credit card, eNets & AXS top up before, and i prefer AXS top up coz exchange rate by banks is not as favourable.

  124. Hi, I just chanced on your webpage after making purchase for tao bao….the problem I’m encountering now is that they don’t ship to overseas. How can I resolve this problem?

  125. Hi Jenny, Thanks for your help the first buy. I am curious most of the sellers are on leave till Spring festival (CNY) and they are not shipping or taking orders. I chatted with two sellers before payment and they said they are too busy on local sale. Is it true?

    Warmest regards EM

    • Hi Choo Em Ger Zude, China has official holidays for CNY (first day on 19 Feb) which can last two weeks. Shipments around that period may be delayed due to backlogs from sellers and delivery companies who are not working and increased volumes from customers who are on leave at home. Best to avoid buying during that period if possible.

  126. Hey Jenny,

    For zhifubao, is it possible to top up money without the need of China Bank account/phone number??

    • Hi M, Zhifubao is Alipay. You can top up Alipay by buying stored value credit Alipay purchase card from AXS machines. Just be sure to key in the same email that you use for Taobao/Alipay login during purchase.

      • Hi joellle and Wayne, another way would be to call Taobao SEA and let them know of your issues, like how you were not able to contact PRouter or its local delivery partner and how long you had waited for your deliveries. They may be able to help you contact the HQ and resolve the problem. It is also an indirect mean in letting Taobao know how the forwarders have performed.

  127. I’m.using PRouter for my goods in tb but when it reach Singapore I can’t track the status. It stated that package out for delivery but I waited full day and no delivery at all. Anyone have the same problem with Prouter?

    • Hi joellle, I’ve not used PRouter before so I am not sure about their logistics arrangements. It is not uncommon for delivery delays caused by too many deliveries to be fulfilled which result in some overflowing to the next day or so. You can contact PRouter to check the status of your delivery.

    • i am also using prouter and facing issue. i had contacted prouter and from my understanding my goods was route to NHANS Singapore for delivery (I am not familiar in the delivery process as i thought they deliver themselves else singpost instead).

      Upon knowing my goods whereabout, I went NHANs main webpage leave my details and delivery no. as per taobao as i could not reach them through the office number stated on the page.

      My goods was order 1st week of December and had not arrive to date.

  128. Hi Jenny, out of the three IFPS services which of them definitely do not SMS notifications? I would like to send some items directly to my customers from Taobao and do not want them to receive any SMS notifications.

    Great blog by the way…double thumbs up 🙂

    • Hi Jennifer, I’ve only used 4PX on a regular basis. It sends out SMS notifications although sometimes it may not be that timely so it’d be better not to rely too much on that. Not sure about the other forwarders. The 物流 updates are more accurate but you’ll have to check the page actively.

  129. Hi Jenny, This is Fionna, You probably don’t remember me since you have so many ‘problem kids’. Just want to wish you Merry X’mas and Happy 2015 and thank you again for all your help. Cheers !!

    • Hi Fionna, yes I remember you because your name with the double ‘n’ is a bit special, which is different from the other Fionas I know. Thank you for dropping by to send your regards and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

      • Hi Jennny, Yes, the spelling of my name is rare because Fiona is a Scottish name but the Irish spell it with the double ‘n’. Fionna is my baptism name given to me by an Irish priest. Many people remember me because of my name, so I’d better not do anything bad huh !!

  130. Hi Jenny,

    I received an sms notification today that a delivery will be made by 6pm, but no one came to my door. My forwarder is 4px and my package is about 2kg. The courier service is singpost right? I’ve double-checked my address on taobao and it’s correct. Is it a problem with singpost not delivering much on saturdays?

    • Guess you have to wait. Don’t rely on the sms notifications as it isn’t accurate.
      Checking whether the package have arrived in Singapore will be useful by going on Taobao website under 已买到的宝贝 -〉 国际集运 -〉查看集运包裹.
      It will show whether it has 货物已抵达新加坡,等待海关放行 (Arrived in Singapore, awaiting release from Customs)
      4PX forwards the parcel from China to Singapore only.
      From Singapore onwards, it will be either Singpost for package below 5kg or above 15kg.
      In between 5kg-15kg will be handled by Toll.
      Checking via the Singpost/Toll website with the given delivery number will be more effective. (Starts with TBXXXXXXXXXXX; X stands for the numbers, this is for Singpost)
      (XXXXXXXXXXXX, X stands for the numbers, without the TB in front will be for Toll)

  131. Hi, i need some regarding alipay and the refund service.
    There some problems with my purchase and the seller said she would refund some money to my alipay account. However they were not able to do so. My alipay is not a verified account which i guess is the reason why i couldn’t receive money. However I can’t verifiy my alipay as i do not have a china bank account so how do you guys manage to get refunds usually ?Please help. Thank You !

    • Hi JG, overseas users don’t need a China bank account, since credit cards, selected debit cards and Alipay purchase card are accepted on the Alipay platform. The refund would be made via the same way that you had paid the item for. If you had used a credit card to pay, then the refund would be credited back to your credit card. You can contact Taobao SEA if you need help for your Alipay account.

      • Hi,thanks for the reply. I made my payment using alipay purchase card and the seller insist to refund into ‘zhi fu bao’.

    • Hi JG, Zhifubao/支付宝 is the Chinese name for Alipay. The seller likely meant that he/she will refund back to your Alipay account. The value you bought for your Alipay purchase card tops up the credit for your Alipay account. You should see the refund back in your Alipay account after a few days if the seller has processed the refund.

      • Hi, the seller was unable to process the refund. The seller said the account she saw is not a alipay account. Should I give the seller the purchase card number instead ? and just to double confirm alipay account is our mobile number right ?

    • Hi JG, when you buy Alipay purchase card, it requires you to provide the email that you use to log in to Alipay, so the Alipay account should be tied to your email account. I’m not sure if the Alipay purchase card number is the information the seller needs for refund, and whether the information can be used to debit and/or credit money. It’ll be best if you can confirm this with Taobao SEA at Singapore tel number 800 188 6018 instead as this is beyond me.

  132. I rch the part about parcel package but can’t pay as they need a china account. What can I do?

  133. Hi Jenny,
    I have recently received a refund into my alipay account. While i was trying to use the money in my account, i realise i do not have the payment password. I was not prompt to change or create any payment password when i created the account back then. So, i tried to retrieve my payment password following the steps i was told. However, the request was rejected. I uploaded my NRIC, passport and even my online banking details as requested by them. I tried a couple of time already but still fail. Now my money is stuck in the account and I can do nothing with it without the password. Could you please advise me on what I can do to retrieve my payment password?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ying xuan, have you called Taobao SEA 800 188 6018? Because they may be better equipped to help you rather than the Taobao site which mainly services the buyers in China.

      • Is SEA taobao th same as the China Taobao site? Will SEA taobao be able to help me solve the problem with alipay which is link to the China Taobao site?

    • Hi Ying xuan, if you had not received satisfactory assistance from Taobao China. then going through Taobao SEA will be your next best option. They should be at least be able to assist in liaising with Taobao China if necessary.

    • Hi Yingxuan! I’m actually facing the same problem as you :(Money refunded into my alipay acc but I don’t have the payment password so can’t use that money.. did you manage to retrieve the password? or manage to resolve the issue?

  134. Hello Jenny,

    Good day.
    I was looking at and have clicked on the “Set up overseas delivery address” banner, it brings me to a page to 收货地址. In there, i could not find Singapore unless i select 海外 for the country. Am i suppose to select 海外 and look for 新加坡?

    Understand that you mentioned that we do not select 海外 only for the China domestic shipping. For this case, do we select 海外?

    Let me know. thanks in advance!

    • Hi jachia, “Set up overseas delivery address” is where you save your Singapore address (where you want deliveries send to, e.g. your home or office add, etc) when you first set up forwarding. Taobao will save this as your default Singapore address under your Taobao profile that the forwarding agent will be instructed to deliver to in future. Here you can choose 海外 > 新加坡, then your Singapore address. My post stated to not choose 海外 for individual item pages, since that will be instructing sellers to send directly overseas to you, whereas doing so for the “Set up overseas delivery address” under your Taobao profile, it is for instructing to forwarding agents. The forwarding agent is the intermediary who will help you receive items from sellers and keep in warehouse in China until you instruct them to consolidate and send to you in Singapore.

      • Hi Jenny, thanks for the guide. However I still have some questions regarding the whole purchase thing.
        1) I’ve selected for the items to be sent to sg without any forwarder and there were no additional charge. Does that mean the seller is willing to absorb the shipping cost? Or do I still have to choose to ship to a forwarder even though on the order page it doesn’t state that they don’t ship to SG.

      • Hi Kean, the Taobao sellers may not state they don’t ship to SG or elsewhere, but Taobao is a China site so it caters primarily to China buyers and will assume that overseas buyers would have set up their own forwarding arrangements. Even if you are able to pay for it, the seller is unlikely to ship it. You will have to cancel your order and get refund for the paid item(s), then set up a forwarder to help you take delivery in China before buying again.

  135. Hi Jenny, it’s my first time purchasing directly from taobao without an agent on 11.11 promotion. i have yet to receive my parcel yet though from one seller it stated that item shipped and is waiting for me to confirm receipt. & from another seller, she have yet to shipped at all, i have reminded her umpteen times already….i seriously don’t know what i should do now. your advise is very much appreciated. please…. ):

    • Hi Yuki, when you mean by without agent, do you mean the official Taobao forwarding agents? Did you select 海外/overseas? Most seller do not ship overseas directly and for others who do usually charge high shipping fees. You have to appoint a forwarding agent first (check out the set-up guide at This could be why the other seller had not shipped. As for the other seller who had shipped, check which address she had delivered to.

      • yes, just directly purchased from taobao. I don’t rmb selecting the shipment type, i just add to my cart n check out. which tab is it on taobao to select the forwarding agent? ): how to check which address she had delivered to? ):

    • Hi Yuki, it’s not that straightforward for overseas buyers like us to just add to shopping cart and check out, since Taobao is based in China. You’ll need to get a third-party daigou agent or set up a forwarding agent first. Check these guides from Taobao SEA to learn how to choose forwarding agent before buying. ;

      You’ll have to check with the seller directly the address she had shipped to. If it is shipping directly overseas to Singapore, then it’s too late to refund and you’ll have to look out for incurring possibly expensive shipping fee. As for the other seller who has not shipped, do cancel the order and ask for refund, since the seller probably does not ship overseas directly. You can buy the item again after you have set up forwarding service.

  136. I am international Tao Bao user, having my log in ID and password with TaoBao China.
    Do not have any China Bank account.
    I normally top up using Tao Bao Card and make my purchase from Tao Bao card.
    However, recently my Tao Bao account had been blocked due to security issue.
    I am not able to provide my bank account number thus not able to log in Tao Bao account, appreciate if you could advice any solution on this matter?

    • Hi Michelle, you need to contact Taobao SEA directly to unlock your account. They may ask you to provide some form of identity verification.

  137. Hi Jenny I have recently ordered from taobao but accidentally selected the shipping to overseas option on one of my purchases on taobao but managed to inform the seller to send it to my 4pX agent instead. Now it says that the item has been received by the storage factory but theres no option for me to forward it to Singapore like it usually does. Do you know how I could go about it?

    • Hi Ying, I suggest you call Taobao SEA or 4PX to fix it so that the system can reflect the forwarding option in your account and the item status can be updated as having arrived at the warehouse.

  138. Hi Jenny, I understand that Nov 11 some of the items with a special logo had free worldwide shipping so I tried to purchase from Tmall for the first time and input the address to be sent to my place in SG. However till now I have not received anything and when I checked the logistics status is states received and 收货地址: 递四方新马转运仓, [ 广东省 ]转 新加坡 (my address) ]but it also states in another page – 广东省深圳市宝安区宝安区西乡钟屋大广发综合楼4楼递四方速递, am I right to assume this is a warehouse? So I will still need to consolidate my orders and ask 4px to forward to me if not it will remain there even though its says 转 新加坡 (my address)? I tried clicking 单件快递 but they are charging me a small amount for shipping.. so much for free global shipping =(
    Thanks in advance for clarifying!

    • Hi Marian, that is the address of 4PX warehouse. 递四方 is 4PX. When sellers have delivered to 4PX warehouse in China, you will have to choose which items you need to be consolidated and delivered to your Singapore address, as some buyers may choose not to consolidate all items to one single shipment at one go since the warehouse allows storage up to 20 days. I did not buy during the 11/11 promotion, so I am unsure of the terms and conditions. Some may state that you have to buy on the particular promotional day, others may state consolidation have to be on that day, etc., so buyers have to read the terms and conditions carefully so as to take advantage of the promotions. Many buyers usually line up the items in advance so that they are prepared to maximise on the promotion benefits. You can keep tab on the Taobao SEA Facebook page for more news and information, like the upcoming 12/12 promotion.

  139. Hi Jenny,
    if I would like to pay using DBS Debit Card, do I just click on the DBS Logo even if its in a state in China? Will it affect? I can’t find the Singapore tab for Debit Card payment. Thanks.

    • Hi Celestine, I’ve not used DBS debit card for payment before. You may like to check with DBS or Taobao SEA (tel: 800 188 6018) directly.

    • Hi eternallymusicable, the IFPS agents charge delivery fees to Singapore depending on weight of package(s), and holding fees if they have been stored in warehouse for over 20 days. There is no other fees like agent fees, AFAIK.

  140. Hi Jenny, its my first time shopping in Taobao. But I need to send my items to Thailand do you have any recommended agent or forwarding company I can use for shipping to Thailand? TQ

    • Hi Felix, I am not familiar with shipping to Thailand, but there should be third-party agents that can help ship Taobao items to Thailand. You can try search for keywords like “Taobao shipping to Thailand”.

  141. Hi Jenny!
    First time purchasing from daigou, anyway, I am thinking if I should ship all items to the same warehouse, i got 6 items at shanghai (SH) & 5 items at Guangzhou (GZ). However, I am not sure how long will it takes to ship from GZ to SH, afraid it will be more than 20days!
    Yet my friends choose to ship by economy air! if ship to different warehouse will incurred more cost? Cos it will shipped by air 2 times? haha..
    Any suggestion?

    Thankyou very much! haha,

      • Hi xin, I’ve not tried to ship from one warehouse to another. Best to check with your daigou how long it will take. I’ve always thought shipping within China is via land instead of air, but you can confirm that with daigou. You can do a cost comparison of shipping two shipments from two warehouses to Singapore vs transferring from one warehouse to another for consolidation into a single bigger and heavier package before shipping to Singapore.

  142. Hello, do you know what are the reasons for not allowing christmas deco(ball) to be shipped to singapore? I bought them and sent them to lequgo but they say the custom won’t allow christmas deco balls… Or anything that’s in the shape of a ball -_-

    • Hi JN, I am not aware of such restrictions but every agent has its own different list of restricted or special goods. You can check with another agent to see if they allow shipping of such items.

      • 4px do allow the shipment of these christmas decoration balls , but shanghai ‘s lequgou doesn’t.

      • i’ve asked them for the reason and they said that it just can’t be shipped over , no reason for it.

    • Hi mike, when you purchase an Alipay stored value amount from AXS, you will be given a receipt with a code/password that you can input when you next log in to make payment in Alipay for your Taobao purchase. Remember to use the same email address that you have registered your Taobao account.

      • Hi Jenny, when purchasing an Alipay stored value amount from AXS. Input the E-Mail Address and Contact Number. Does the eReceipt contains all the information for topping up the Alipay Account?

      • Hi kSerlee, the receipt from buying the Alipay purchase card value at AXS will come with a passcode that you can input to top up the credit when logged in to Alipay. This is why it is important to ensure that you provide the same email address as the one you use to log in to Taobao/Alipay when you buy the purchase card.

      • Hi kSerlee, the 6-digit passcode or PIN was printed on the receipt issued by AXS when I last bought the purchase card early 2014. I also received an email from AXS with the same information – I assume this is what you referred to as the eReceipt?

  143. Hi I chance upon this article of urs as I jus started on Taobao…I signed an account but my Mandarin isn’t good…so I cldnt understand at all on the zhi fu Bao….or any other settings…
    Would u be able to guide me please?
    thank you.

    • Hi Jas, you can call Taobao SEA for assistance as my post is only meant as a basic starting guide. Nevertheless, you will need a basic understanding of Chinese else to buy on Taobao since the Taobao website, communication with sellers and forwarding agent etc are in Chinese. Alternatively, you can buy through third-party daigou agents.

  144. Hi Jenny, I bought a double-sided clock recently from TB but only one side of the clock is functioning, the other side is malfunction. Reported to seller thru sg agent. Since returning the faulty product will incur expensive shipping cost, I repair it in sg (agreed by seller) for SGD18 but seller insist to compensate only RMB30 & I was told to accept it by the sg agent. What else can I do?

    • Hi fleeting shadow, if the sg agent had gauged the situation and given the advice, then there is little else you can do. You can give your feedback on seller (评价)about your experience as a cautionary note to other would-be buyers, or you can try consult Taobao for mediation. It happened to me before and I could only write off as a ‘bad debt’ when there was no other resolution. As I had noted in my blog post, handling refunds or returns damaged or wrong items is a risk that comes with online shopping on overseas websites, and Taobao has its fair share of detractors in this case.

    • I’ve requested refunds (no need to send back item) from seller before & the amount was refunded back to my alipay account which i can use to offset for future payments.

      If u can write chinese, U can contact seller via Aliwangwang to request for refund. However, coz of used agent to order for you, i’m not sure if the amount will go into their alipay or yours.

  145. hi. i am currently stuck in a situation. i have chosen an shipping option which is shipping overseas for 30yuan. but the seller said he don’t provide shipping overseas and advised me to find an agent. but i have already paid for my product together with the 30yuan shipping option which can’t even ship overseas. so i refund and buy again? or any other suggestions anyone?TQ:)

  146. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for all your help!
    I recently made a purchase from taobao, opting 4px but self-collection – which means I opt for the popstation. However, I just received a message that the courier will be making delivery to my house when they do not have my address? (only the popstation address)

    And the courier delivering out my order is singpost (I’ve tracked my order number on its website) – any idea who I should call or do?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Gladys, did you enter your address when you registered for Taobao? That is one possible way where they could have your address. I read that lockers in some POPstation locations are full which resulted in some buyers who had chosen POPstation to be transferred to deliveries, not sure how true it is. Since you had found out that Singpost is arranging your delivery, you can contact Singpost directly with your tracking number and arrange with them the suitable delivery time.

      • Hi Jenny, thank you for your advice! Singpost eventually sent it to the popstation and notified me on it! So I received my parcel safely! (:

  147. Hi, this is my 1st time knowing about TB, would like to check which website should i use to purchase items from TB. TQ

  148. My order status on Prouter is : Cargo released , in transit to Singapore for many days.. ANnd I need the goods to go overseas =( This time , its taking longer

  149. Besides using credit card & eNets, i also used AXS Alipay top up (支付宝) to pay for some of my purchases this time.

    支付宝 exchange rate is better (4.7) vs credit card (4.58 – 4.61).

  150. Juz to share a piece of good news; i paid for 4px 国际转运 on mon morning & i received my loot today afternoon (2 days). Very pleasantly surprised at the speed, as my last order took >2 wks a few mths ago.

    Looks like delivery timeline has resumed.

    • Hi Aileen, that’s good news indeed! Prior to the Sep/Oct delays which dragged for 2~3 weeks, the usual delivery speed for 4PX was around 4-5 working days after paying forwarding, but it looks like it has become even faster now! Oops, you are tempting me to buy more now…

  151. Hi, do you need to add in 65 for the handphone number, under 收货地址 > 手机号码. Will I be able to receive SMS notification from the forwarder if I just input my 8 handphone number?

  152. Hello Jenny, I used lequgou and they chose to send my item to XDEL delivery in Singapore to deliver my items to me. Is the service fast and safe? 🙂 TQ

      • No they didnt 😦 Customs in SG were cleared 2 days ago and apparently it was ‘In transit to XDEL delivery’. Heard no new since then. Anything I can do? Thank you!

    • Hi smileytoad, try to aliwangwang lequgo for the delivery status, or give a call to Taobao SEA 800 188 6018 to see if they can help you.

      • …best not to use them…slower than ..and purposely tell you got to pay xtra with crap reasons else they will hold up your shipment for a long time. their customer service takes aeons to reply,..if at all. i have since stopped using them. for items located in Shanghai area, i will purposely choose goods that have free courier and deliver to Guangzhou and use 4PX instead. cheers all.

  153. Hi Jenny,

    I am sorry that you have indirectly become a “Taobao helpdesk” but i would really appreciate for your advice and if you can share with me your knowledge with this TB purchase.

    I just purchased a liquid item (hair product) and i selected the forwarder 4PX.
    I heard from my friend that the charges for “Special Air” to send the liquid item is very expensive, RM 125 /kg. My item is just RMB 60 and therefore i wrote to them to request for them to cancel the order. Of course within an hour from buying, the CS shared that she has already mailed out the item.

    Then I understand from 4PX that they do not deliver liquid items at all.

    how do i just get my refund now ?? :(((

    • Hi Kerin, I suggest you can explain to the seller about the restrictions and expensive freight for shipping the ‘special good’ to Singapore, so you have no choice but to apply for a return and refund. Many sellers are understanding towards such reasons. There’s also a 退款/退货 button under the bought item, and you can provide your reason before you submit the refund/return request. As a last resort, you can call Taobao SEA to assist and mediate.

  154. Hello, may I know how long it usually takes for packages to clear the custom in Singapore? 🙂 TQ!

    • Hi smileytoad, it usually takes around 1~2 days to clear Singapore customs, although it depends on the volume handled at customs as well as certain special goods which may require longer inspection.

  155. Thank you for your reply 🙂 anyway, I also made a purchase on 11/11 since Taobao held a promotion (I bet you also know about this too!) but I still could not merge my orders in a single batch for the forwarding agent service. A small window/box popped out but my chrome couldn’t translate it and the statement is not copy-able. Do u have any idea on what is actually going on? is it because of the process takes longer time to handle many customers? but if that so, the countdown is really counting down >.<

  156. Hello Jenny 🙂
    I’ve ordered a few days ago directly from Taobao, and after the items had reached the warehouse, I received the confirmation to make payment for the 转运费(which I did), and apparently now its in HongKong ‘pending customs release’. What does that mean? How long will it take for my items to reach me from that stage? Sorry, first time ordering so I’m a little confused. Hope that you can help me a little 🙂 TQ!

    • Hi tonia, some forwarding agents ship via HK to SG, hence the customs clearance in HK. Delivery normally takes a few days or a week, but if there is a recent sales promotion, like the 11/11 sales day, the large volume of shipments may cause delays of additional week or longer.

  157. Hello Jenny Teo, I’m Ain from Malaysia. I’ve been purchasing from for so many times but only this time I forgot to tick the “forwarding agent service” box. So, I made a refund and now the refund is in my Alipay account but it does not seems to be fully mine.It requires me to wait because the process takes 1-5 days. Today is the second day. I wonder, where will my refund money be at after this. Will it be in my balance account on Alipay or will it be directly transferred to my Maybank account (since I use maybank for payments). Or… do I have to have a Chinese bank account or etc(like what i’ve read on most posts related to refund problems)

    • Hi Ain Salleh, my previous experience was that the refund was credited via the same way payment was made. For me, it’s credit card. If you still haven’t received it via Maybank, you can contact Taobao Malaysia for assistance.

  158. Hello Jenny its me again 🙂
    It now says: 2014-11-13 16:08:00 Sent Out from warehouse , in transit to is HK
    Does this mean that its flying to HongKong first then to SG? When you were purchasing, were u ever at this stage? Sorry for bugging you but approximately how long does it take for the parcel to get to SG from here?

    • Hi galaxypoopie, some forwarders ship via HK to SG, and this may or may not reflect in status depending on agents. Delivery time may vary from few days to a week, but if there are large volumes being shipped due to recently concluded sale, it may take two weeks or longer.

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  160. hello, i’ve already ordered 😀 how long does it take for the item to arrive to Singapore once it says ‘已经打包完成,等待集中运送’?:)

    • Hi galaxypoopie, it depends on the speed the China customs clear the goods. Since 11/11 sales had recently concluded, there may be delays given the large volume of sales. It can take even a month if the recent customs delays were anything to go by. The usual speed is around less than a week.

  161. Hi Jenny,
    lately I noticed that there is a new 4PX receiving stores open up almost every part of Singapore, like in Jurong West, Jurong East, Clementi, and many more…. These stores supposed for you to receipt the items as when the goods arrives in Singapore, you need to select this option when you pay-off the items through转运服务request. The goods will no longer deliver to your house instead it will await you at these area stores to be picked up by yourself. Such ease of waiting service I like it.

  162. Hi All,

    To keep you inform that for the past one week the delays is caused due to custom checking in China.Many shipment were held up by china custom due to sensitive items eg:battery shipment, brands item. Shipment delivery expect to restore back to normal within a week time.So a piece of advise: don’t purchase any branded item or battery items at the moment till things are being sorted out in China side.

  163. Hello…..Jennyteo,
    I really need your help to give me some export forwarder (Taobao) contact like address and phone numbers, to delivery from shanghai to singapore. Things to deliver like cupboard, cabinet bcoz suppliers dont deliver out from china.
    Thank you.

    • Hi ly, you can search for taobao daigou agents in Singapore. They’re third party agents who charge a fee to help with such forwarding.

  164. I’ve bought some metal plates from taobao and have reached the warehouse for about 4-5 days now . When i want to pay the forwarding fee , i can’t see any of my 宝贝 in the 转运订单.. I’ve asked the customer service , they didn’t reply again. Have you had such problem before?

    • Hi JN, you should find 已入库宝贝, because 转运订单 refers to the shipment that had already been consolidated and shipped out.

  165. Hi Jenny, need help with one of my taobao transaction. I can not find the orange button for fowarding option. I think it’s because I left it passed the 10 days (money releases to the seller already). So can not pay the warehouse to ship the items to my address. Thank you for your help.

    • Could it be orange button gone because the items had moved from 待收货 to 待评价
      If I need to contact the fowarder myself, maybe I store the items passed 20 free days and need pay extra, how to go about it? thank you for your help.

      • Hi winata, you can check 已买到的宝贝>国际集运 to check if your items are there. You should be able to consolidate the items that have arrived at the warehouse, even if your other items may already have been at the warehouse for over 20 days. The extra payment for storage over 20 days should be made together with the forwarding fees via Alipay. Best to direct your queries about your items with the forwarding agent via Aliwangwang or you can call Taobao office in Singapore/Malaysia.

    • Hi Jenny, I found the answer, found it under 国际集运. Thank you regardless. So nice of you to help and answer people’s questions.

  166. Hi there. I can’t seem to get my alipay password back! And i don’t remember signing up for me. Could you please help me? 😦

    • Hi Danielle, I am not affiliated with Taobao so I can’t help you. If you are referring to Alipay login password, you can use your Taobao password to access Alipay by using the 淘宝会员登入/ Taobao member login link (it is in smaller print just below the orange 登入 button). You can call Taobao Singapore for assistance.

  167. Hello ! Have you used 樂趣購 b4? Cause 3 days ago i asked them a question and they have yet to reply… 😦 i ordered some boxes and it has reached the warehouse but don’t allow me to 合併訂單.. Do you know why this will happen?

    • Hi JN, I used it only once during its promotion last year, but had never communicated with them before. Sometimes customer service officers (for many forwarders) are not very prompt in responding on alww. I have not encountered problems with 合并订单 before. It is something only the forwarders can tweak at the back-end. You can try call Taobao Singapore who should have ways to directly contact the forwarders to resolve your problems.

  168. Hi Jenny,

    I received a text from a number stating that their attempt to deliver my packages was unsuccessful and that they will leave a delivery advice with collection instructions. As it was supposed to deliver to a shop, there was no one in yet and when we checked, there were no delivery advice anywhere. How exactly do I follow up? I am not sure which is my forwarding agent (I don’t understand a word of Mandarin and I have a friend who is helping). When I checked order details, both is written that 包裹派送中.

    I am at my wits’ end at what to do. Please help, thank you!

    • Hi elle, did you buy through your own Taobao account? If yes, do get your friend to help you check the delivery order number, then call Taobao Singapore at 800 188 6018 to assist. They should be able to find out the local delivery company. Did you also try to SMS back the phone number that you received the text from?

  169. Nowadays I don’t receive SMS anymore.. Anyone encounter this?
    Has the forwarding fr Shenzhen back to normal? i.e. Around 3-5 working days after item 出库?I’m trying out another forwarded through Shanghai by surface (cos my item is bulky, end up I pay S$20 for 5+kg), see how soon I can get it…

    • Hi, interested to know how soon the Shanghai forwarder shipment arrived at your place, can you feedback this information to me?
      Thank you!

      • My surface shipment via Shanghai has finally arrived! The actual weight is 4.5kg, volume weight is is 5kg, paid $20 for surface forwarding serv.
        Item received at forwarder’s shanghai warehouse on 22/10. Item arrived singapore today 7/11. About 2 weeks, faster than expected!

      • Hi magdonaldmag,
        Many thanks for the info. As you mentioned that the price for shipment about S$20/ look-like it was much cheaper than 4px. May I know which is the shipping agent at Shanghai and how can I contact them or way of how to link through Taobao same as Taobao SEA process?

    • Hi magdonaldmag, I still received SMS last week on the day my parcel came, though I did encounter no SMSes sent before. From what I read from the very active HWZ forum thread (, it looked like those parcels that were shipped out after 25th Oct by the forwarder going through Shenzhen were received in 5 days, so the speed seemed to have recovered.

  170. Hello!! Really amazed at your patience in answering everybody’s questions, and thanks for answering mine the other time!! I just wanted to ask, have you ever received the SMS where your parcel is out for delivery today, and yet it doesn’t come? The first time my parcel came in early afternoon. Now I’m awaiting for my second parcel (they sent me the sms) and it’s not here yet T^T do they do deliveries at night too..? :O

    • Hi jazeltwy, I try my best even though I may not have the answers sometimes. I did receive a parcel around 8+pm before. I guess it depends on their load for that day. They may be overloaded at times so some parcels may experience some further delay for a day or two. You can check with the agent if you have yet to receive by tomorrow.

      • Haha, didn’t receive anything today in the end! To think that I ran to the door each time the doorbell rang only to be disappointed! (For the first time in ages my doorbell rang three times(!!) and none of them were here with my taobao package… T^T) Shall continue keeping my eyes peeled to the door tomorrow then 😀 Thank you for your prompt reply, really appreciate it!

  171. Hi jenny! Any idea if we could change the delivery address with speedpost when the parcel arrives in SG? I use 4px service too but the cust service inform I could choose POPstation during my checkout so I did not enter my full address. In the end, I did not find the popstation option, and the address I gave was not full. And the parcel was sent out by 4px. 😦

    • Hi Passion, you need to contact 4PX via aliwangwang to give your address, else they won’t be able to deliver to your doorstep. You can also contact Taobao Singapore helpline to explain your situation and seek their assistance to resolve this problem.

  172. Jenny, The seller help to extent the date of receiving, however I think his not so friendly, he said that there is acknowledgement fr sheng zheng think is forwarding agent means I already received the parcel. Also said that I used 4px forwarding agent why go to them. They only from fo San to sheng zheng.

    • Hi Cammy, the forwarding agent is receiving the item from the seller on your behalf, without which you won’t be able to buy from China sellers on Taobao. To the seller, when the agent receives the item in the warehouse for you, it is considered that the seller has fulfilled its delivery, and that if there is any problem, it will be between you and agent, not seller.

      • Jenny, thanks, at least now i have a clear picture. i’ve bought from 2 different seller, 1 is very helpful to check for me on my parcel, the other one is the one who i highlighted earlier, that is why it make me confious on who should i check with.

        If in this case, means that the forwarding agent received on behalf of me, in case the parcel not deliver, are they going to compensate us with the goods price and the forwarding fees or we only can claim/hv the refund of the forwarding fees only? or if the parcel missing, can i ask for the refund from the seller? Hope that you don’t mind that i ask so many question, and also hope that you can have the answer for me, as i am first time buyer, sometime will feel worrie that i choose the right online shopping (Taobao).

    • Hi Cammy, after you have bought an item, you can keep track of its delivery status under 已买到的宝贝 for peace of mind. You may liaise with seller about the item’s delivery status too until it reaches warehouse, when the item will then be reflected as 已入库. You can refer to the agent for queries while the item is at the warehouse until it is delivered to you. The probability of missing items is quite low, since both sellers and agents have handled thousands or sales before. I’ve shipped many times and so far all my items have reached me safely. Contact the seller for refunds if the parcel goes missing before it reaches the warehouse. On the other hand, contact the agent for refunds if the parcel is lost while with the forwarding agent. If there is any dispute on refunds, you can contact Taobao Malaysia helpline to resolve.

      • Hi Jenny i would like to ask u that why my items did not show at the 国际集运’s 待集运宝贝? It only shows at the 待入库宝贝 and my items that are at the 待入库宝贝 only have 3 buttons which is 待入库,订单详情 and 查看物流.And in my 已买到的宝贝, have 2 buttons.Green one stating 集运订单 and orange stating 处理转运Are u able to help?I don’t know what to do now. I hope u give me tips asap:)

    • Hi Callista , 待入库宝贝 means the items have not arrived at the warehouse. When the items reach the warehouse, the status will change to 待集运宝贝, and you can then consolidate for shipping.

  173. Hi jenny, I’m from malaysia. 1st time buy from taobao, set the delivery using 4px service, 20/10 seller already delivered the goods to warehouse 21/10 warehouse shown 己发货,I not yet receive. ( I check with seller said parcel already acknowledge by sheng zheng forwarding agent this means I’ve received the parcel). So I can only check with 4 px? Not the seller? Await for yr reply. Tq.

    • Hi Cammy, I assume you had already consolidated the parcel to be sent to Malaysia? Mine left warehouse on 18 Oct and only received in Singapore yesterday. 4PX is facing a lot of delays in recent weeks though the speed seemed to have improved a little. As your items are now with 4PX, so you should check the delivery status with 4PX and not the seller any more.

  174. Hello! Have you bought any items that require you to just pay a deposit? Cos in my case, I want to purchase an item that they will only send out once they reach a certain amount of orders, so they get their customers to pay a deposit first. I’m more worried about the second payment, I have no idea how they will charge me instead. Since the only method of payment I know is when checking out of shopping cart and paying for shipping fees.

    If you have any advise that’ll be good, thank you!

    • Hi Sweetiepie, that sounds like a spree. I’ve not participated in any sprees (not even the local ones) so I am unsure about the process of paying in stages. You may like to check with the seller if they accept overseas buyers first, and if yes, how to go about making payments.

  175. Hi Jenny:

    My consolidated package have left the china warehouse since 22oct…
    Til now they is no news :/ I contacted them on Aliwangwang but all they told me was that the package left the warehouse and is on the way…

    Will my package go missing

    • Hi JunjieL, don’t worry too much. Mine was out of China warehouse on 18 Oct, and the status was never updated until yesterday when it arrived in Singapore. The parcel reached me today, so it took 10 days. My last parcel which arrived two weeks ago was sent out 2+ weeks before, so there is improvement now, though I think it’s hard to match the delivery time of ~4 days from the earlier days any more.

      • Hi Jenny, thanks for the reply.

        The status have just been updated this morning as per following:
        2014-10-30 19:28:34货物到达目的地港口
        2014-11-01 07:12:01货物已抵达新加坡,等待海关放行

        As much as I can understand mandarin, 达目的地港口 and 新加坡 isn’t it the same? like Singapore and port of Singapore.. why the 2days lapse?

        Any idea if 4px does delivery on Sundays ?


    • Hi JunjieL, not too sure why the 2 day delay, maybe the port was too busy and they had to queue? Have not tried receiving from 4PX on Sundays, so not sure if they do deliveries on Sun, but usually they will send a sms on the day of delivery.

  176. Hi Jenny,
    Just FYI, I have tried to communicate with those agents who used the containers to ship out from Shanghai and deliver to your house by local sub-con, it was not trust worthy though that they given with advertised consolidating at warehouse & packing fees cost only @$1/= per item as when you want to buy certain items through them , they later will tell you your item is a special item need to pay more cost on freight hence this will edge up the cost . So far asked them to quote a few items but with totalized cost are more them the 4PX charges. Watch-up!

    • Hi Jk Foo, I agree with you that it is important to compare the agents and see which offer better value. One problem is that the definition of sensitive items differ among agents, e.g. some list earphones as sensitive goods while others may consider them as normal goods. However, there is no way of knowing it beforehand unless the buyers check one by one with the agent.

    • Hi. recently i encountered the same problem. Lequgo told me one of my consolidated package (I have 2) contained an electrical hairbrush and I would need to pay RMB188 to be handled as a special good. Also my the other consolidated package contained liquid and would need to be shipped inland (guonei). I got no choice but to pay the extra monies and told them to remove the liquid from the first package cos i don want to ship guonei. Luckily the liquid were some chlorine tester which is cheap and I dont mind removing them. This is my first purchase from taobao and my experience with the freight forwarders have been bad. Until today, the items are still awaiting shipment (daichuku)..i may try 4PX subsequently.

      • Hi kohsy, there can be quite a bit of trial and error when it comes to choosing forwarders. You can search through reviews on various forums to see which are the more popular ones among buyers and also their experiences with the shipping of certain items that may or may not be classified as sensitive goods depending on forwarders.

  177. hello! If i use other shipping agent like the one located at shanghai , will the shipment time be faster as compared to 4px?

    • Hi JN, it is likely that the time may be faster going via Shanghai since it seemed that the delays are due to Shenzhen customs for now. However, since I have not tried the services of other forwarding agents, I’m not sure about the service and time lead.

  178. Hi Jenny, may I know how or where do I register ro receive SMS notification when the parcels have arrived at the forwarding agent?

    • Hi Lynn, when registering for Taobao, it would have asked for your personal details incl mobile no. If you have provided it, you should be able to receive SMS notifications. You can check your account profile under Taobao. However, I’m unsure if all the forwarding agents provide the same SMS notification service.

  179. I got my package using prrouter when I ship the order from China on 16 Oct. But the problem is the speedometer that I ordered is not working. Advice not to buy electronic stuff from Taobao.

    • Hi genesis, it is possible to receive faulty or damaged items, such is the risk with online shopping. The problem for overseas buyers is the inability to return for refunds unlike buyers in China who can do so.

  180. hi jenny,
    do u buy from seller that onli sell directly oversea without going through forwarded ?
    i had made payment without having to pay the shipping fee(selected oversea). moreover the seller already sent out the items using tian tian courier. but the tracking number provided doesnt allow me to track. tried aliwongwong the seller, but no respond receive. so does the item sent straight to singapore?

    • Hi pinkygal89, I’ve never bought from seller who ships directly overseas as the delivery cost is usually much higher than going through agent who does so in bulk thus lower costs. You have to liaise directly with the seller in this case since only the seller is able to inform you about the delivery status.

  181. I’ve contacted 4px already. They said that they have alr send the package out . I’ve checked using my comp , it says 確認收貨,n when i check the 物流,nothing have been posted 😦 they say that it’s at the china’s custom since oct 17.

    • Hi JN, I contacted 4PX too and had the same answer. My package is still held up at the customs with no further updates. So again, we wait…

      • my package already received update . The 物流 is now 货物已到达目的地港口 so i guess i’ll receive it this week ! 🙂

    • Hi JN, good for you, and it’s my turn to envy you! Mine was out from warehouse since 18 Oct, and no further updates since then 😦 Sigh…

      • I’ve received mine today morning ! I guess your’s would be out already too? Prolly depends on the things you bought i guess 🙂

    • Hi JN, thanks for your words. You must be my lucky star – I just checked the status again, and it suddenly updated to having arrived in Singapore and waiting for customs to clear! Likely it will reach me tomorrow, crossing fingers.

      • Hi Jenny,
        Just curious, does it take very long to clear singapore’s custom?
        And once it clear singapore’s custom, would 4px give us a text?
        Thanks a lot. 🙂

      • Hi nnylla, usually it takes a few days or a week to ship to SG, but increased shipment volume due to sales promotions may cause delays of an extra week or even longer.

  182. Hi Jenny,

    I’m facing a problem. I cannot seem to understand what is the message that they send to me when I am paying. (You Use Alipay now but the password widget does not support the current circumstances. Check code: 316252 (Alipay) ) What should I do with this code. They won’t allow me to pay. D: What do I do?

    • Hi CyberToniX, a few commenters below also had the same problem as you. It seems to be a technical issue so you’ll have to contact Taobao to resolve the problem.

    • basically when you want to pay, there will be a box for you to enter your alipay password, and another box below for you to enter that code. The instructions are written there.

  183. Hi Jenny,

    I received an sms saying that their attempt so deliver my package was unsuccessful. They have left a delivery advice with collection instructions. But where do i locate the instructions?

    • Hi cystal, did you mean the delivery advice with instructions did not mention the location for collection? You can contact your forwarding agent to find out where you can self-collect.

  184. Hello ! I have paid for 4px 国际转运 since oct 16 afternoon but they have yet to send my package out. What should i do? I contacted 4px via 旺信 but they didn’t reply .

    • Hi JN, I have the same problem as you, and I paid on 13 Oct T.T. 4PX can be tardy in their alww responses, so you have to try a few more times, perhaps with different agents (they have different numbered agents on at different times).

  185. hi jenny,
    i ordered a few pieces from TB. however, the dealer insisted that they have sent out the dresses in 2 batches, one day after another. today i have received one of the packages and theres a few dresses missing. how do i find out from 4px that there will be 2 packages?

    • Hi JT, check with your seller if the two batches have two different delivery order numbers, because I believe the forwarding agents identify each delivery by its DO number. It’ll be difficult for 4PX to track a single delivery order number but with packages that are sent separately, but you can try check with them if the warehouse still has any package remaining in the warehouse with the specific DO number.

  186. Hello Jenny! Thank you for your guide and in clearing all our doubts! I am a first time user of taobao and my 4px delivery status has been stuck at 境内包裹出库 for more than a week already 😦 And there’s this msg: “当前订单状态: 卖家已发货,等待买家确认. 您还有 1天22小时20分23秒来完成本次交易的”确认到货”。 逾期未操作,系统将自动确认收货,将货款支付给卖家(4px财务收款)。如果您还未收到货,可以与卖家联系,申请“延长收货时间”。如果您收到货不满意,可以申请“退款”。May I know how do I go about this? Does it mean that it will auto-confirm delivery after the days stated even though I have not received my items? What if I don’t receive my goods? 😦 What can I do now/how do I contact them about this?

    Thanks a lot for your help! Sorry for the many questions!

    • Hi JL, with the recent delays, it has become impossible to 确认收货 in time anymore as Taobao can’t hold back payment to seller for too long. You can try 延长收货时间 with seller to delay the payment time. 4PX has been successful in delivering the parcels despite the delays, so the possibility of not receiving your goods is very low. Nevertheless, if the payment has gone through yet you fail to receive your goods in the end, the last resort will be to contact Taobao to raise dispute and apply for refunds.

      • Hi dear,
        I have this 1 day 16 hrs notification for an item that has arrived at the warehouse. I dont quite understand what it means. Can you help ? This is what i received after googling.. 指你需要向转运商支付从转运商仓库至你所指定的海外收货地址所需的所有运费。如果你未支付转运费,那你所购买的包裹将会保存在转运商仓库中并不会直接按你的海外收货地址寄出。

      • Hi Avery, the message is truncated so I may not have understood it completely, but it seemed to imply that your items in the China forwarder warehouse are about to use up the free storage period of 20 days? You will need to pay the forwarder to consolidate and ship the items to Singapore. If you do not do so asap, you will incur additional holding fee which will be charged on these items on a daily basis until you have paid the forwarder to ship to SG. If you have other queries, do check with Taobao SEA.

  187. Hi Jenny!

    Thanks for putting up such a detailed guide and answering so many questions! 🙂
    Like many, my shipping status from 4PX has been 境内包裹出库 for some time now and its so frustrating, guess there’s nothing I can except to wait 😦
    I have another parcel that just arrived to 4PX, however I have not consolidated and have not paid as well because I’m thinking of changing the forwarding agent. I fb messaged Taobao SEA and they told me i can try using a third party forwarding company, however I’m not sure what options are there and how do I go about doing it?

    Really hope you’d be able to help! 🙂 Thank you!!!

    • Hi poh, thanks for dropping by! Yeah, it has been exasperating for many 4PX users (like me) recently due to the more stringent customs check, but I guess 4PX is equally frustrated as they are also burdened by the extra long time and customer complaints. Unfortunately I have not tried any third party forwarding company before, so I am unable to share my experience. You can google for third party taobao agents that service Singapore buyers and reviews on them to see which are the more trustworthy and affordable options. You can then approach a few agents to find out how they can help you get your items from the 4PX warehouse to their storage.

  188. Hi all, just to share with you that Taobao SEA is offering live chat 16 Oct – 10 Nov in the evening 7pm-11pm on their Facebook page: . Their CSOs will be on hand to provide prompt responses to your queries.


    Start from Oct 16 to Nov 10, we will have customer service online
    in FB to teach you how to register,search for product and make payment etc… welcome to join us here from 7pm ~~ 11pm.”

  189. Hi, Jenny. I wanted to make payment using 马来西亚银行,however, I was stuck at this stage. I couldn’t make any payment and I received a message stated : “you use alipay now but the password widget does not support the current circumstances check code,…”. Please advise what should I do in order to make payment.

  190. Finally arrived Malaysia after 17 days. Only when the parcel clear the custom in Malaysia yesterday, Airpak then send sms of the status. This morning sms again for the delivery. Inspect the items visually and seems ok. So hopefully all is ok when I got time to test it. ^-^

  191. The 29th sept chu ku batch has been received today. More than 2 weeks. Hopefully the delay is caused by clearing the back log fr their national day. Otherwise will have to consider trying out other forwarder..

  192. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for your very useful guide. May I ask for your help please.

    I’ve got a refund amount from 2 sellers and they refunded the money into my aliwangwang account (i paid for the goods via CC, but refund was made to aliwangwang). However I seem to be unable to withdraw the money nor utilize it.. is it possible to do so and how do I go about doing it?


    • Hi Pam, aliwangwang is a chatting platform and does not handle payments. What you received were probably alww messages alerting you to the refunds. The refunds should have been made back to the way you paid, i.e. your credit card. The statuses of the affected items should also reflect the refunds under your Taobao account. You can check your credit card bill a few days later to see if the refunds have come in. If you don’t see them, do call Taobao SEA.

      • Curious. What payment mode is everyone using?
        I tried credit card. Convenient but was unhappy with the exchange rate (4.7x) & admin fees (3%).
        I tried top up alipay (支付宝)thru AXN since end Aug. Rate in Aug Sept was around 4.8x. & no admin chrg.
        Anyone has other payment mode to recommend? Thanks.

      • I see, thank you so much Jenny. It was strange because when I tried to make payment my usual way (cc), they had an option for me to utilize the refund amt so I thought it was stored separately. Thank you once again(:

      • Hi Jenny,

        Just realized the amount is in Alipay, not aliwangwang. Seems like I must submit a whole host of docs before I can utilize the amt. I have no idea how I can withdraw the cash, wonder if you can help?

        I apparently also have a 100yuan hongbao but cant use it =/


    • Hi magdonaldmag, I use mainly credit card for payment since it’s the most convenient, although it comes with 3% fee. Many use Alipay purchase card since there is no additional fees. The eNets payment option (for Singapore) incurs S$1 fee.

    • Hi Pam, an Alipay account is also created when you sign up with Taobao. You can use your Taobao password to access Alipay by using the 淘宝会员登入/ Taobao member login link (it is in smaller print just below the orange 登入 button). If the Alipay hongbao has been credited to your account, you should be able to use it to offset part of your next payment, and pay the rest as normal. Some hongbaos are not applicable for overseas buyers because of the requirement to tie a China mobile no to the account. If you are still unable to use the refund and hongbao credit amount, do call Taobao SEA for assistance.

    • Do you mean 29th Sep? Mine was sent out on 29 Sep, not yet received. I’m guessing Wed/Thu?

    • My reply to an earlier post: my parcel 境内包裹出库 date was on 23 Sep and arrived at my house on 9 Oct, for your reference. It’s the first time I encountered this delay of >2 weeks – prior to this, it usually takes 3-4 business days.

      • Mine was sent out of china around that date too but i have yet to receive. However status shoes 确认收货 already.. .what does this mean. means tollsg received from 4px but yet to deliver to me?

      • I’ve one jing nei chu ku on 29 sept. Still no news till today. Getting frustrated with it since it was used to be only 3-5 working days. Wonder if it will be faster if we use different forwarding agent? Like vpost (anyone tried b4?) though I think the problem is the speed of clearing the custom at Shenzhen….

    • Hi tin, the parcel status should only show 确认收货 when you have signed for its delivery. Do check if any of your family has done so on your behalf. If not, please contact 4PX asap.

    • Hi magdonaldmag, if the speed was the same as mine, you should receive by this week. No choice except to keep waiting for that. Many had suggested the alternative of going with forwarding agents who do not ship via the same route as 4PX, i.e. Shenzhen via HK, since the customs check seem to be more stringent there these days.

      • Called taobao on Monday and they immediately call 4px and was told that my parcel is in the airport waiting for flight so may take 3 to 5 days. So this afternoon called again and again they say still waiting for flight and probably next week. What crap is this? Am I sending and elephant. Really worst experience. Really worried about the condition of the content of my parcel. Good luck to all of us.

    • Mine was sent out on 30 september, until now no news also 😦 May i know which number you called to call Taobao?

    • Hi Jon, I came across a thread on hwz forum where buyers were told similar experiences that many parcels were waiting for available flights to be shipped over. My previous parcel which took more than two weeks of delay arrived intact, so hope it’s the same for everyone as well.

    • Hi! Mine is sent out on the 29th as well, just went to check the status of my parcel and it finally arrived in sg today 15oct! Status is 等待海关放行 🙂

      • Judging from what you guys have posted. I think my parcel is going to wait forever. Mine is posted out on 10 Oct. 😦

        This is like the worst ever experience I had so far ordering from Taobao.

  193. Hi Jenny,
    Im trying to buy things like buttons for only ¥0.85 each but i need 300 of it. the 快递 charge is ¥15. when i add to cart 300 pieces the final amount to ¥3260. how do i go about this? Its in my cart already but just need the 快递 amount to be adjusted else i cant make payment. appreciate your precious advice.

    • Hi Sammy, the 快递 charge is usually based on per shipment instead of per button. You can aliwangwang the seller to see if he/she can give you a discount or even waive the delivery charge. You can request him/her for step-by-step instruction on how to do so, as sometimes it requires additional steps. Also make sure that you select the option of shipping via 转运商 before paying for the shopping cart.

  194. Hi jenny,
    thank you for taking your time to answer all the questions..i hope you could shed some light on mine too..i have two parcel apparently received by 4px but it was not included in my list for international forwarding service..the status is still *dai ru ku* meaning waiting to be received when the wuliu tab clearly mentioned that it has been received. yunda express even posted a picture as the proof…i’m so disappointed and appalled..i don’t know what to do..where should i get the refund has clearly stated that 4px received the item but they did not include it for international forwarding and is not forwarded. the item is paid for due to the recent custom check. i’m a bit helpless..can you pls advise? thank you 🙂

    • Hi joannw92, did you check the parcel wuliu to confirm it had arrived in 4PX at its Shenzhen warehouse? Because I had a similar incident that the parcel wuliu showed it went to Shanghai (!!) but turned out the seller issued the wrong delivery order no, thus when the item arrived in Shenzhen, the item could not be reflected in my Taobao system due to the wrong DO number. The best thing is to clarify the DO number with seller to see if it matches the one in your system first. What I did next was to call Taobao SEA on the discrepancy, and Taobao SEA CSO called 4PX in Shenzhen, who was then able to find the item with the amended DO no and update the delivery status to reflect in my system. You can also aliwangwang 4PX with Yunda Express’ picture of proof to follow up. I did notice that 4PX CSO on alww can be a little slow, and it is faster for me to go through Taobao SEA to contact 4PX in China directly to resolve the problem.

  195. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you for taking your time to reply everyone’s questions !
    Just wondering if hand creams or lip gloss can be shipped over to Singapore via 4px?
    Thank you !

    • Hi Gladys, I have not bought these items before. Best to contact 4PX to check if these items can be shipped and whether they are considered as regular or special goods (special goods incur higher delivery costs).

  196. I saw this on the order 9 days 超时订单自动确认收货. Does it mean that it will auto change to acknowledge the item receive after 9 days even if my forwarder did not receive it?

    • HI Genesis, the system will automatically acknowledge receipt by buyer and release payment to seller after a certain number of days if there is no feedback from the buyer. Do check with the seller on why the item has not reached the forwarder as 9 days is way too long, although it could be due to the recent one-week national day break.

      • Thanks for the reply. I saw a message dated yesterday 深圳松岗的 xxxx 已收件 but the item is still on my 待收货. I’m not sure if my freight forwarder really receive the item as it’s not in the 待发货. Is there so thin wrong with this?

    • Hi Genesis, the item may be in Shenzhen vicinity but not necessary have arrived in warehouse. Have the status been updated since?

      • Dear Jenny thanks for the follow up yea the status has been updated.
        I think Taobao should employed after sale support team to ans questions from buyer. Can’t image what to do without kind soul Like you sharing your experience.

    • Hi genesis, glad that your item is in! Actually, Singapore and Malaysia Taobao buyers can also contact the local Taobao helpline if they face problems. I called it before and the staff was extremely helpful and prompt in resolving my problem.

  197. 4PX schedule, back to service:
    10月1至3號、10月5號: 新馬件,香港件以及澳新件不出庫

    According to this forum post:

    People are receiving their stuff ordered from 24-25 Sept! Hurray! (mine’s 26th, I’ll have to wait and see too)

    • Hi mochi, thanks for sharing the news! Yes, I just received my parcel (sent out 23 Sep) today as well, so it looks like they are clearing the backlog in good speed. 🙂 Guess you should receive yours within these few days too, so look out for it.

      • Hey Jenny! I’ve received it today! I was very worried as I chose to use POP box by singpost instead of usually mailing straight to my house. And because I chose that, my tracking status in taobao kept staying at the initial stage of the ‘goods shipped out of warehouse’ and not updating it ever since (around 2weeks+). Damn singpost and their privacy or something. This isn’t the first time singpost did not update their tracking service. I’ve tried their Japan vpost forwarding service and for 5 straight days, they kept my package as ‘vpost Japan has received my parcel in Japan’ not even an update of it being shipped out! Argh! I’m not trusting singpost for overseas delivery anymore.

  198. hi jenny,
    i have already ordered 13 pairs of inspired new balance on taobao to ship to sg will there be any problems to pass thru sg or hk custom as it is replica? i was so worried i checked with the 4px delivery company and they told me it was fine. i bought a few pairs previously and it was fine.

    • Hi Shirleen, I’m not sure how the customs conduct the checks although they tend to go more for knock-offs of luxury brands like Chxnxl. We can only wait and see in the meantime.

  199. Hi Jenny

    I’m trying to sign up an account with tabao. However, I’m always stuck at the registration page whereby it always prompted with the message that I have keyed in wrong code.
    Do you have the same experience when you sign up?

    • Hi Scorp, I do not have such problems when I signed up last year. It’d be good if you can take screenshots of the registration problem and check with Taobao SEA.

  200. Hi jenny. Thanks for replying everyone’s question so generously!

    Just wanted your input, is it cheaper to buy from taobao yourself rather than using an agent, such as 65daigou? I recently bought a total of 12 items which amounted up to nearly $20 in shipping and am wondering if it really is cheaper? I used 4px btw!

    • Hi Fleur, it depends on what you buy. As I mentioned in my post, if you are getting bulky items, it may be more worthwhile going through 3rd party agents who offer the slower but cheaper sea shipping which is more economical. Perhaps you can get the 3rd party agent to give you an estimated quote for the same 12items and compare the costs?

  201. Hi guys,

    I took is in the same situation which the things I have ordered are stuck with 4PX. I am left with 3 days on the counter for automated response to receipt of goods. I wonder if I should request for postponing the receipt of goods or should I refund them? This will be my first request to postpone and i’m really reluctant to refund them. Thing is I dunno how much longer do I have to wait and I don’t want to be caught in a helpless situation which wait is all i can do. Any comments?

    • 4px Worldwide Express have made their website unavailable. This is not something I’d expect from service provider. They should made some kind of announcement on their website about what is happening at the Shen Zhen Customs and what plans they have undertaken to resolve the parcels still stuck in the warehouse or customs.

      Thumbs down to them.

      • Hi Tai, my parcel 境内包裹出库 date was on 23 Sep and arrived at my house on 9 Oct, for your reference. It’s the first time I encountered this delay of >2 weeks – prior to this, it usually takes 3-4 business days.

    • Hi Tai, you need a good reason to request for refund and return of goods, if they are not damaged or sent wrongly. I myself had a refund denied even though it was the fault of the seller who provided the wrong DO no and thus there was no way the system could recognise the good or confirm if the good has arrived, and I resigned to having it considered as a sunk cost / bad debt, and that I would not buy from the same seller again. The delay happens on the forwarding agent side, so it will be unfair if the seller is ‘punished’ for it. You can request for postponing the delivery or receipt, but there is no telling how long this delay is going to be. My parcel has been delayed for over two weeks and there is no point chasing the forwarding agent since it is the customs who is holding it up, hardly the fault of the agent.

    • Hi Tai, I understand many parcels are stuck with the forwarding agents due to the more stringent custom checks in China, so we can only be patient and wait. Unlikely that the goods will go missing, but you can call Taobao helpline if you have problems getting refund from 4PX should they lose your parcel.

  202. Hi Jenny!

    I delayed payment for two times now. Requesting for the third time from two sellers but one refused to, but I haven’t received my package yet. Is it okay to just release the payment? What if there is a problem – missing or spoiled items? Do I look for the forwarding company?

    • Hi M, the system will not allow you to hold payment for too long anyway. As I mentioned in my post, shopping online comes with risks like delays, damages, etc that we would not able to recoup. The problem overseas buyers face is that there is no way of sending back wrong or damaged items to the sellers unless one is willing to foot the delivery costs. It will be difficult to hold the forwarding company liable as well since it can’t be ascertained if the good is damaged during delivery from seller to warehouse or from warehouse to Singapore.

  203. Hi Jenny! I am also one of those experiencing the customs delay, but I am wondering if I should keep delaying the payment to the taobao sellers? I have already done it once though, not sure if still can delay it further. So seeking some advice here from more experienced shoppers. 🙂

    • Hi Tory, if I recall correctly, buyers can only delay payment once. Nevertheless, the system will automatically release payment to seller after a certain number of days. I guess it is just bad luck on our part to experience such serious delays. It’s the first time I experienced such long delays too, since I started buying from Taobao more than a year ago.

  204. I’ve 2 shipments, one 境内出库on 24sept, the other 27th. Both has no news yet till today. Normal shipment takes abt 3-4 days fr day of 境内出库. Guess it’s useless checking with the logistic. Only can wait patiently…

    • Hi magdonaldmag, my parcel was sent out earlier than yours, with no further update. According to message, Shenzhen customs stepping up on checks to look out for fake branded items will add a further delay of 5-10 days, though I think it will be even longer.

    • Hi idontwannawaitsolong, I don’t think there’s any way in knowing if the tightened checks are temporary or permanent, though the regulations have always existed.

  205. hi jenny,

    with the current delay due to thorough custom checks, when do you roughly get your items? Have been waiting for more than 10 working days still no news 😦

    • me too 😦 the last follow up was 境内包裹出库。and it was stated there since 22nd of sept! no further info. wonder how long to wait some more to get the goods. Going for a trip soon thought it can all be received fast but…….. in fact i have two parcels to be received. one has despatched on 22nd and one from 27th..both are pending 😦

      • i have one parcel came in today, shipped on 18th sep. But the earlier ones havent get. Stress

    • Hi anne and ssy, it’s been more than two weeks delay for me with no further updates too. The purported delay is for at least 5~10 days, but given the huge amount of backlog compound with Chinese national day (national holiday 1~8 Oct), I suspect it may take even longer. We can do nothing but to wait, I guess.

  206. Hi Jenny,

    I’ve recieved the auto-reply message from 4px too! Just wondering have you receieved your items yet? Because my delivery status has been stuck at 境内包裹出库 for almost a week. No idea how long will it takes for me to receive my items 😦

    • Hi Sunday, my package is stuck at the same status for more than a week as well. Spotted this at my baobei page: “因深圳海关报关系统调整及严查一切违禁、仿牌类货物,致港/新/马线路的货物清关有5-10天延迟,请耐心等待!品牌商品请谨慎购买!” A delay of 5-10 days…guess we just have to wait patiently. =(

  207. Hello, I was tracking my baobeis and one of it is under 物流信息 it stops at 卖家已发货 and no further news were update. What should I do? Thanks Jenny! Appreciate it! 🙂

  208. Hi Jenny, you are really kind to keep helping everyone with questions on taobao!
    May I ask, is it okay to include purchases from Tmall & taobao in the same cart?
    How long is shipping from the freight forwarder to Singapore (approximately) ?
    Any idea on the postage rates from 4PX? If I am buying furniture like an armchair, mirror, lights etc do you think my postage will be very expensive?
    The freight forwarder will ensure that the goods will reach my door step and not that I have to arrange for delivery from port right?
    Last of all, will they declare the value to SG custom to we have to pay GST?

    Thank you:)

    • Hi RT, thanks for your appreciation! You can include purchases from Tmall and Taobao in the same cart and pay together. Typically it takes 2-3 working days to ship from warehouse in China to Singapore, but I recently received an auto-reply message from 4PX which explained that due to stricter customs inspection and system update, deliveries to HK, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand may experience delays when exiting China customs. “因海关加大了查验过关港车的力度以及海关报关系统更新,現发往所有线路(香港、新加坡、马来西亚、澳大利亚、新西兰)的货物,在出港环节都会有较为严重的延誤。我司将会密切留意海关最新进展,并不断跟进货物中转时效,保证您的货物安全抵达,如有最新消息将会及时通知。感谢您的理解与支持,谢谢!”

      If you are looking to buy bulky items like furniture, it will be better to go through a 3rd party daigou agents, as they offer sea shipping which is usually a cheaper option for heavy items. The forwarding agents work with local delivery companies like TOLL to deliver to your doorstep. I also notice they have recently added an option for self-pickup from selected SingPost POPStations, which will be useful to buyers who are unable to wait for home deliveries. Rates of forwarding agents: . They will declare value to customs on their end. S$400 is the current limit for GST relief.

  209. Hi, I wanted to purchase some nail polish and hand creams on TaoBao. But I can’t checkout items. I tried numerous different sellers but all do not support freight forwarding. Have you tried buying such items? Is there anyway you can purchase? I tried asking TaoBao agents but they don’t seem to reply.

    • Hi Eve, I also notice more and more items are being excluded from overseas buyers of late, like car cleaning products and even hair bands(!). I myself experienced several transaction closures while making payment. Currently there is no way in filtering the products that are excluded from overseas buying, so we can only find out through trial and error. The frustrating part is that we only get to find out what items we can’t buy at the late stage when making payment. It wastes time and also affects the payment for the rest of the shopping cart.

      • I wonder if we can purchase these items through taobao agents? I did a google search and sent emails to 2 of them. But till now theres no reply. Have you ordered from agents before? Do you happen to know if we can order such items from them?

    • Hi Eve, I have not used the 3rd party agents before, so I am not sure if they are able to buy on your behalf. Do wait for their responses and let us know if you are successful buying your items through them.

  210. Dear Jenny,

    Help!!! First time ordering, and I noticed some of my items have been signed for ie 广东省汕头市公司 已收入, but it is not in the warehouse, it is still 待入. I have called taobao singapore with no reply, and I have repeatedly messaged 4px on ALWW with no reply, they just keep giving me an automated response on one account, and on another, no response at all although they are online.

    How long does it take to reflect that the good is in warehouse after the company has signed for it as seen in 已收入? Sincerely hope i’m panicking for nothing, their lack of reply is really worrying. I thought it would immediately be updated as in warehouse after they have accepted delivery, but nothing so far. Does it take more than a day?

      • thanks jenny! thank worked. but I do not receive any sms from 4px. I have checked and I can receive the smses from taobao, but haven’t received any sms from 4px when my items reached warehouse. I am worried that when they deliver to sg i won’t know when cause I won’t get an sms. How do I enable the option for sms notification?

      • And one more thing, when I combine shipping order to sg my address looks like this
        送货上门 163.0元 新加坡 新加坡 my hdb my unit number (my name 收) (送达时间3-6天,重量限制30.0kg/集运订单)

        but no postal code. is this normal? or how do I change it to include my postal code?

    • Hi Denise, there are a few occasions that I did not receive SMSs from 4PX as well when my items reach the warehouse in China or when the consolidated packages have arrived in Singapore as well. Can only keep monitoring the delivery status, and ensure someone is at home receiving deliveries. I notice the forwarding agents recently introduced self pick-up at Singpost POPStation. If you don’t have anyone at home to wait for deliveries, self pick-up will be a good alternative. I can’t recall if my postal code is included for that portion, but as long as blk no, street and unit no are provided, then there should be sufficient information for local delivery companies to send to your home. Nevertheless, you may like to update your address with postal code under your profile for subsequent deliveries, if you have yet to do so.

  211. Hi Jenny,

    Help!! My taobao order has no movements after 卖家已发货 on 11 sept. Alipay also sent me a message that my “password widget does not support the current circumstances”. What does this mean?

    • Hi kael, do consider contacting the seller and explaining to him that you were not able to see the delivery status on your end, so perhaps he can help check. I have not come across any message about password widget before, but it could be a technical issue? Do call Taobao helpline to check on it.

  212. Hi jenny,

    Thank you for e useful information.

    I am keen very to buy lots of item for my renovation spree but i cant understand chinese. Do u happen to know or suggest any agent can help to translate n assist for my purchase. I have tried to translate the website in english however some content was not translated.

    Thank you =)

    • Hi elys, a lot of content on the websites are not in text format (e.g. images) so it will be difficult to buy direct on Taobao if you do not understand Chinese. The alternative is to buy through “daigou” or 3rd party agents buying on your behalf. They can submit and ship the orders for you for a small fee. You can google for agents offering the Taobao daigou service in Singapore. You can check for reviews online too to compare their rates and service.

    • Hi Elys,
      What was the payment method that you used? It is impossible for me to make the payment via Visa credit card, taobao kept asking for the security verification. What should I do T.T feeling totally hopeless now

      • Hi Giang, are you referring to the Alipay security password that you have to enter before you can make payment? It is a different password from the Alipay login password, and is supposed to be an additional layer of security measure. Have you tried resetting it?

      • Hi Jennyteo, after filling the credit card info, there is a pop up message: “Sorry, you personal information does not pass alipay security verification”, I’ve tried for million times and It was just not work at all, even ask the help from the customer service but they was uselessly giving answers.

      • Hi Giang, my guess is that it could have been due to the Alipay security service not being installed or it being blocked in your PC.

  213. Hi Jenny (you have the same name & surname as my mum lol!).
    I received sms from 4PX this morning stating they will be delivering it today, till now i haven’t received so i check with them through aliwangwang and they say delivery failed and ask me to contact the sg number.

    So i did and the person say it failed due to incorrect address. But i did gave the correct one. Have you encounter such thing?

    And i read through the comments and saw that they mostly use “toll” to deliver the package. But when i try to track and trace at the toll website, it failed too. And the sg number that they give is also different from toll number. So meaning it’s not delivered by toll? Any idea what other companies they use?

    Thank you!

    • HI Stefani, so did you manage to receive your delivery? I have not experienced this before. A commenter did give a useful tip about 4PX Singapore:
      For tracking numbers starting with 200 – Toll Group:+65 62148888 ext349 ext 352
      For tracking numbers starting with 810 – Airpak: +65-67439200 .
      Hope this info helps.

  214. Hi Jennyteo : Any idea how to delete items in the 国际转运?I have already received my goods and do not wanna see so many listings in the 待集运宝贝. Another matter is, I have a rejected item listed in 待入库宝贝 too. Its been months and I still do not know how to remove it. Hope you can shear some lights on this issue. Rgds, Leann.

    • Hi Leann, I agree with you there should be a way to clear items that had been delivered or where transactions had failed. As far as I know, there is no way to do so now, so it can look quite messy.

  215. Hi, I recently ordered a ipod nano gen 6 from taobao to be shipped to singapore after realizing shipping of lithium batteries products are banned but they stated may (May) be detained, should I refund? Or will they still ship it over?

    • Hi Dave, if the item has already been shipped, then you can only wait and see if it will be detained by the customs. I am not sure what the procedure is when it comes to items being detained in the customs. Do check with Taobao SEA via their hotline.

      • The forwarding company have accepted it and signed it but I have not received it. Also I bought a watch strap at the same time but the watch strap is otw but not the ipod what do I do?

    • Hi Dave, the warehouse stores your items for free for 20 days. Electronic goods couild be subject to special goods charges (check the rates on the forwarding agent fees) but may still be allowed to be shipped into Singapore, though I do not know the exact criteria. When you mean on the way, is it on the way from seller to warehouse or warehouse to Singapore? If the goods are already otw to Singapore, you’ll have to wait till they have arrived in Singapore and see if the customs would clear it. If it is not yet shipped to Singapore, you may like to negotiate with the seller to cancel the order and get refund, citing the reason about the prohibition of electronic goods to be sent.

  216. Hi Jenny,
    Toll delivery failed for the lately case, had managed to delivered after a few called to the Toll centre for help, finally, the Toll’s help desk personnel managed to assist on the following day to get it delivered.
    Yes, it all voiced down to sub-con who abused the system whereby the Toll’s retrieval system from sub-con by simple acknowledge the receiver home no attender and described the receiver home door color ( even without taken photo) will close the delivery routing, they don’t even have any barcode/ FIRD to scan-off like what Fedexp/ DHL handheld scanning tools use to do.
    Mostly the cases for those who staying in the far west side of the Island, will faced such scenario, because the sub-cons are very reluctantly to deliver to these areas as time consuming much longer and the fuel consumption is much higher. At the same time they hope the failed case receivers, some will don’t mind to re-input in Toll auto re-schedule notice, at which Toll will have sur-charge extra about S$7~S$8/ per trip of resend delivery, believe that the sub-con will enjoy some compensation re-delivery fees.
    Tips to get thing done, when your package will being sent out from the China warehouse, check the package 4PX delivery No. and then once 4PX notified you the package reached in Singapore by SMS or Taobao website, then search to
    Paste PX delivery no. to its tracking box, the system will able to notify you your package status & route till which places.
    Once when after the day the Toll failed to deliver the package, you can call this hot-line : 6398 8363, the officer in-charge will help you. Please don’t abuse this line, only to call when your package failed to reach you after the Toll’s sms notification

    • Hi Jk Foo, thank you so much for sharing your advice on tracking and checking the status of delivery by Toll. My experience with Toll so far has been quite okay, so the difference could be due to the different subcon couriers engaged by Toll. We can only hope for the delivery and notification process to gradually improve as we give more feedback to the delivery companies.

  217. Dear Jenny,i have asked for refund just yesterday from the 8 suppliers (3 jackets,2 bags,1 pillow,1 snapback and 1 necklace) with taobao sellers..i would like to re-purchase the same 8 items via IPFS.Total amt is RMB$485 including 3% charge..
    -is it ex via the IPFS service?how much do i need to pay in total in sg money?
    -how would i know if the 8 sellers did not support IPFS and i have again paid for it,(cos i do not want to ask for refund again.)
    -Last but not least is sg shop good/reliable,which budget is lower?

    Thank you so much jenny!

    • Hi shu, RMB485 is approx S$100 (exchange rate approx RMB4.90 = S$1). You can compare the rates of the IFPS agents with the 3rd party daigou agents to see how they match up. The IFPS agents charge by weight ( It’s hard to find out upfront if the sellers support IFPS. The best way is to see if the transaction is successful when you make payment for the items. If the seller does not support IFPS, the transaction will automatically close and no payment will be made, thus there is no need to apply for refunds. Not sure what you mean by sg shop being good or reliable? If you are referring to the trustworthiness of the Taobao sellers, you can check out the reviews for a gauge. Nevertheless, there will always be a risk when it comes to buying online, so practise caution and “buyers beware”.

  218. Hello Jenny, I had ordered several items from Taobao. According to the shipping company, one of the item was lost at customs. They agreed to refund me but though Ali Pay. Problem is how do I convert or transfer this amount to my Singapore credit card? Thank you.

    • Hi Rey-en, you can check with Taobao if the refund will be in Alipay credit or back to your credit card (which I assume you used to pay for your purchases with via Alipay platform). If it is in Alipay credit, then you can use it to offset your next purchases.

  219. Hi jenny, taobao sent me the wrong item and i want to get a refund. I submitted an application for a refund, and the seller told me to send it back. Who usually bears the postage cost in this situation? Also, the maximum amount that the seller will refund me is the cost of the item (not inclusive of the forwarding fees i paid). Will i get the forwarding and postage fees that i paid back? Thanks!

    • Hi ringlet86, sending back is not cheap, so it is likely that overseas buyer will have to bear the cost for sending back. There’s no refund for postage or forwarding fees from Taobao or forwarding agent, as this is a private arrangement between the seller and buyer, which Taobao and forwarding agent have nothing to do with. Refund and return problems are usually the main disadvantage about buying from overseas, as I had mentioned in my blog post. Usually buyers will have to contend with the wrong orders or negotiate with sellers to get a discount for subsequent purchases.

    • Hi Shirley, your Zhifubao/Alipay should already been activated when you created the Taobao account and paid your orders. You can use your Taobao account to log in to Alipay via the 淘宝会员登录 link at the Alipay website. Your refund will be credited back to the channel that you had chosen to pay with.

      • I receive refund from seller, my Chinese is no good, I See refund in my alipay. As I paid for this using my Cc. Will I get refund via my cc too?

    • Hi brenda, if you paid by cc, the refund should be credited back into your cc account too. You can check your cc bill to be sure.

  220. Hi Jenny, my alipay account was suspended due to enter wrong password and they are asking for a copy of passport to reset the password. I’m not comfortable with forwarding the passport to them. is there any other way to reset alipay password? my items were stuck in international forwarding agent.

    • Hi sharon, there was a similar case in my comments (Helpless ; 25 Jul 2014) who experienced the same with you. It is a security measure which kicks in after the user exceeds a certain number of failed log in attempts, which is to ensure that the user is the actual account holder instead of someone trying to hack into the account – I believe PayPal has a similar requirement. It looks like submitting passport details may be the only way to get the Alipay account back. Alternatively you may like to call Taobao if there are alternatives to get your Alipay account back.

    • I had the same problem.
      1st solution: the account will be unlocked after 3 hours
      2nd solution: if u still rem your login pwd and had only forgotten the payment pwd, you can choose to retrieve your pwd and then selecting sms mode instead of upload doc mode. Sometimes the sms mode is not available, but if u logout and login after sometime it may appear.

  221. Hi, I have bought clothings from taobao and it was listed under “所有订单 ” but not under “国际集运”. However, my delivery addressed was to Singapore. When I clicked for “查看物流” for my order, it only stated “卖家已发货” and for another, few movements to and fro until the last: “已签收,签收人是草签”, for 2 of my orders. (I did not receive any of it!!!) IS there anything that I can do? 😦 thank youuuu

    • Hi A, I assume you had chosen the IPFS forwarding agent as well as set up your delivery address? Items that have arrived at your agent’s warehouse will appear under 国际转运 > 待集运宝贝 (items awaiting to be consolidated and shipped), where you can consolidate for shipment to Singapore. If they still have yet to appear under 待集运宝贝, you should contact your forwarding agent (via Aliwangwang) to check the status.

  222. Jenny, help 😦
    2014-07-31 15:44:02卖家已发货
    2014-07-31 21:14:58【杭州乔司】的收件员【杭州乔司】已收件
    2014-07-31 21:15:58【杭州乔司】已进行扫描
    2014-07-31 21:16:01由【杭州乔司】发往【杭州集散空运】
    2014-07-31 21:54:48由【杭州集散陆运】发往【莱阳分拨】
    2014-08-01 21:15:53由【莱阳分拨】发往【烟台】
    2014-08-02 08:30:25快件已到达【烟台】 扫描员是【烟台天天】上一站是【莱阳分拨】
    2014-08-02 10:20:10由【烟台】发往【开发区四分部】
    2014-08-02 12:10:45快件已到达【开发区四分部】 扫描员是【季师傅】上一站是【烟台】
    2014-08-02 13:12:05【开发区四分部】的派件员【李超18106388155】正在派件
    2014-08-02 16:40:23已签收,签收人是草签

    It’s been so long and I still haven’t receive anything?! I’m quite worried as I order about 400 sgd worth of items. Do you know what can I do? 😦

    • Hi yh, did you check if the items had arrived at the warehouse under 国际集运 > 待集运宝贝 and ready for consolidation and shipment? If they have still not arrived at the warehouse, do contact Taobao SEA asap to check the reason for the hold-up.

    • Hi yh, 入库 means it is already in the warehouse. The next step would be to arrange for shipment into Singapore. You can call Taobao SEA helpline at 800 188 6018 (for Singapore callers). I got this number from their FB page . They should be able to speak in both English and Mandarin since it is based in Singapore.

  223. Hi Jenny, once again, the Toll today failed to deliver the package to me despite I pre-informed the security guard to allow the toll van to come in without using intercom, as I will be in whole day to await them. This is bad to have one way communication with the situation the delivery company taking the advantage not treating the customers response and complaints seriously, The previously they failed to deliver consecutive two working days included this time, both had exceeded the SEA’4PX put up the contracted term of delivery within 4~6 days after the paid items leave their warehouse.It is bad for the 4PX to continue using Toll as the sub-delivery vendor in Singapore as may any time to jeopardise their current vast expansion business in due course. If any existing Prouter or any new delivery agent set-up, it may any time gains over the majority customers who had unhappy experienced with Toll, if these companies innovate slightly with pre-informed communication both way in tele-web based system, I think most of the customers would like it as this save the customer waiting time as well as more specific delivery time frame for the customer to arrange to receipt the goods. I believe the young & married couple who in most doesn’t have parent or maid at home would enjoy this preference of service.

  224. Dear Jenny, my item status states that “卖家已发货”, so I clicked on the “国际集运” to forward my item to Singapore. However, this shows up “很抱歉,没有查询到集运订单”.

    Appreciate if you could help me figure out what I should do?

    • Hi Celest, 卖家已发货 means the seller has sent out the item, and the item is on the way to the warehouse, not that it has not arrived at the warehouse. When it has arrived at the warehouse, it will appear under “待集运宝贝” for you to consolidate with other items, if any, for shipping to Singapore.

  225. Hi there,

    I didn’t do any research before ordering on taobao and so I changed the 物流运费 to 海外. Does it affect the shipping in any way? Thanks.

    • Hi Cheryl, it is likely that the sellers will not ship out to 海外 or that the buyer will have to foot the shipping fee since it will be quite expensive. I suggest that you can message the seller to cancel the order and request for refund. You can then follow the guide by Taobao SEA to set up overseas address and use an IPFS agent before resubmitting the order, but this time remember to leave the 物流运费/配送 as 全国.

  226. Hi,
    Do u have experience in using Alipay (支付宝)to pay instead of credit card? If yes, can we just buy the top-up card from AXS machines? How does this top up amount be credited to our Alipay account?

    • Hi Aileen, the Alipay purchase card is a value, not a physical card. When you buy the value from AXS, remember to provide the same email address that you use to log in to Alipay / Taobao, as the value will be tied to the email address – very important to note! You’ll then be issued a receipt with a password/PIN. After you have logged in to Alipay website, you will need to input the password/PIN for the value to be topped up in your Alipay account.

      • I’ve read feedback of people who keep receiving error messages when they input the AXS password/PIN, hence i’m hesitant to try it out. Have u tried topping up & paying via yr Alipay account using this AXS method before? U manage to top up successfully?

        Also, if i use Alipay to pay for my Taobao purchases, are there any other fees (eg. admin/transaction/bank fee etc) that we will need to incur?

    • Hi Aileen, I only tried the Alipay purchase card once, and it was successful. I believe the only ‘charges’ using Alipay card would be the difference in currency rate exchange, but currency rate variation is also applicable in using credit or debit cards. I use credit card on Alipay for all other times as it is more convenient for me despite the 3% fee.

  227. Hi,
    your guide was really useful and easy to understand. However, I was just wondering if you know why the seller’s “快递” amount is more expensive when buying directly from taobao as compared to when using an agent? For example, I was about to pay and realised that the delivery was 25元 but when I used an agent, it’d be 8.80元-10元. Have you had any similar issue?


    • Hi shiaun, the variation in 快递 fee could be due to the location of warehouse. The agent’s warehouse could be nearer to the seller, thus the lower 快递 fee.

      • Hi,
        Thanks for your reply, really appreciate it. I’m thinking of using 4px and when I clicked on “使用转运服务”, I saw that 4px states that their 仓库地址(warehouse?) is under 深圳市 so when I edited the 快递 from 全国 to 深圳, the shipping was changed from 25元 to 8元. Have you tried manually changing the shipping destination before? If yes, was the item successfully delivered to 4px’s warehouse or is it a must to use 全国? Sorry to bother you >< I can't express chinese in words well so I'm afraid the 4px's customer service won't understand me.

        Thanks once again~

  228. Hi, would appreciate if you could help me, i ordered stuff from taobao and uses 4px as forwarding agent, So they are in collab with TOLL (sg) and i had already received a sms notification to say that my parcel will be arriving and needed someone to be at home (on 15 aug). But till now i had not received my parcel and i called TOLL they actually ask for shipment no. Where can i retrieve the shipment no?

    • Hi Angel, you can go to 我的淘宝 > 已买到的宝贝 > 国际集运 > 我的集运订单. Find the shipment and click on 查看集运物流, and you should be able to see your 运单号码 (shipment no).

  229. Hi Jenny. I bought an item from Taobao weeks back but the item had not been delivered to-date. I forgot my password to my account and tried to do a reset online so that I can write to the agent and inquire about my order. However, when I tried to key in a new password, the system requires me to download an .exe file which the computer detects to be harmful. I tried on three laptops and 1 desktop and have the same problem. I called the Singapore taobao hotline and was told this is not an issue they can assist with. Are you able to advise what I can do to claim a refund ? Thank you

  230. Hi Jenny, my package is in Singapore for about 8 days already. I have ask my forwarding agent about it and they told me that there is some problem with my 物流 which is either the delivery/logistics and have not got cleared. They also told me that they already told their 物流同事 to follow up. But I am a little bit worried as it is taking such a long time for clearance. It is true that you will need such a long time?

    • Hi Huilin, I have heard that occasionally some packages will take time to clear for various reasons, like inspections or special goods (e.g. electronics with batteries). It is random so it will be hard to say how long it will take. Just keep following up with the forwarding agent, and raise it up with Taobao SEA if necessary.

  231. Hi Jenny,
    I’ve received sms notifications from 4px at 10 am, stating the delivery is on its way.
    Checked the taobao website and it states 包裹派送中 at 830 am
    But till now, there hasn’t been any delivery. To my understanding, it takes at least 1 hour ++ for the package to reach you.
    What should I do if I missed a delivery? how do I redeliver my package?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Gladys, I believe delivery times would be subject to weather, delivery regions and schedules. I believe you should receive a message or call for missed delivery, else there’s no way to find out about missed deliveries. In any case, do check with your forwarding agent on how to arrange for re-delivery since they may work with several delivery companies.

      • Hi Jenny,
        My tracking is provided by Speedpost, and it stated failed delivery with no paper slip or How I am able to collect my package. Any advice on how I should proceed with this situation ? Thank you

    • Hi Gladys, it’s interesting that the tracking of your package is provided by Speedpost. Anyway, it is best to call Speedpost directly about your package to arrange for re-delivery since it is likely that your package is with them.

  232. Dear Jenny, I would like to seek your kind advice after reading such a professional blogpost by you. Can I ask if which way would be preferably cheaper if I were to buy about 15 sets of normal clothings? Directly from Taobao SEA or 3rd party agent?

    • Hi Shawn, it depends on personal preference. Some prefer the convenience of leaving the ordering logistics to 3rd party agents for a small fee, whereas others prefer to order on their own with IPFS. If cost is your concern, you may like to check with the seller to find out the total weight of your clothing order first, then do a comparison of fee charge between using IPFS or 3rd party agent to see which method is more economical. Remember 3rd party agent offers shipping by sea (IPFS does not do so) so that may be a cheaper though slower option if your order is heavy.

  233. Hi Jenny! Thank you so much for the informative guide! It is especially useful for first-time Taobao users like myself!
    I have a concern regarding the shipment of my goods. I have arranged shipment with 4px and I’m abit worried since they haven’t been giving updates about my goods.

    2014-08-11 14:18:27卖家已发货
    2014-08-11 14:21:35境内包裹出库

    It had been stuck like this for few days, and I’m anxious. Is it normal? Does that mean that my goods are still somewhere in China, or are on the way to Singapore? I have another friend who had arranged shipment one day before me and had already received her stuff yesterday!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Sheryl, it usually takes 2~5 business days for package to be sent from China to Singapore. Your package should be on the way to Singapore. Your friend’s shipment could have been on an earlier consignment, so don’t worry too much for now. If you wish, you can drop a message to 4PX via Aliwangwang with your details to check the delivery status.

  234. i have personally use this for Singapore..just copy and paste the links in taobao and give them (You have to know Chinese) , they will order for you and ship direct to your house (Very good customer service)
    More for entertaining business customer that want to import more items to Singapore and sell(Bulk purchase)..they will quote me different shipping options and price after receiving at their warehouse (the shipping is very affordable compare to other agent i used before)

    For me, i buy over $1000sgd every month ..
    If i pay by posb credit card and buy myself, it will cost more service charge about 8% including exchange rate and i need alot of effort to communicate with seller in chinese)
    Their charge 5% is very reasonable for large orders

    This is their facebook

    Hope it helps [​IMG]

  235. Hi there,

    I have a bit problem here. As you can see from below, my 物流动态 is stuck at Singapore for a certain number of days already. Do you have any ideas where are my items now? Btw the forwarding agent I use is lequgo. I do not have any idea what should I do now.

    2014-08-02 02:37:22卖家已发货

    2014-08-02 16:00:00出口清关

    2014-08-04 02:00:00进口清关

    2014-08-05 16:33:35SINGAPORE

    • Hi Huilin and Eve, do check with your respective forwarding agents on the delivery of your packages, as it usually does not take more than two business days for the package to be sent to your doorsteps after they have arrived at Singapore.

    • Hi Huilin, if you have chosen forwarding agents, it is unlikely that their local delivery company is Singpost. Do enquire your forwarding agent on the reason for your delay of delivery of your package.

      • Hi Jenny, thanks a lot!
        However, when I questioned them about how will they post me my item from Singapore, they told me that they entrust to Singapore 物流. 物流 means logistics right? So this mean that the logistic company would post m my items instead of Singpost?

    • Hi Huilin, yes, 物流 means logistics/delivery. Forwarding agents usually partner Singapore delivery companies, so that when the packages arrive at Singapore, the Singapore delivery companies will pick them up and deliver to doorstep. You can check with your forwarding agent who are the Singapore delivery companies responsible for delivery and get their contact numbers so you can call them to check if need be.

    • hi huilin, if u had resolved this matter do share ur experience. As my first purchase on tabao using the same agent has just reach import clearance 进口清关, I’m quite worried after reading all the bad reviews on items that never seem to reach they buyer’s door step for days n had to resort to refunds.

  236. Hi Jenny,
    About my orders that had been all rejected under IPFS were found that was due to one of the items was banned or not allowed by IPFS to ship with after I called up the Taobao hotline to check with the operator. Learning from the fault, sometime you accumulate too many items in shopping cart and if you pay at one shot, happened that one of the items is not allowed to be ship by IPFS, then it will reject the whole cart all items not to be accepted by the IPFS, so in order to screen out this item you have to do one by one simulate out the item whether is accepted by IPFS by pressing ‘total billing’ button on each item entry. Once you find the not allowed item, at the top screen IPFS line will appear that item seller can not used IPFS to ship then you can leave this item not under the total bill, by then the final payment bill site will allow you to ship under IPFS.

    • Hi Jk Foo, thanks for sharing your experience and tip on how to filter out the item(s) that do not accept IFPS. Yes, it is true that if even one item in your cart does not accept IFPS service, the whole cart will be affected. I too wish there is a more efficient way that allows us to exclude items that do not take IFPS rather than the trial and error method.

      • Hi Jenny/ Taobao frequent buyer, Lately buying more heavy weight electrical stuff, probably in the range of 5 kg to 12 kg in total weight. What is your advise to ship by sea by which agent is more secure ?

    • Hi jkfoo, I haven’t tried 3rd-party daigou agents before. You can search online for reviews and recommendations on the sea-shipping services offered by the daigou agents. Not sure if electrical stuff would be subject to different charges as they would in air delivery, and do take note of the differences in voltage and plugs used.

  237. I set up a taobao account but was not abt to select a forwarding agent. do u have screenshot on how to do it?

  238. hi Jenny.

    Its my first time ordering from PRrouter. And its been more than a week since they updated that the items has already 出库.im trying to chat with prrouter using ali wang wang but they seemed to always appear offline. Is there any other way to track my parcels? As i also do not know who is the sg deliverer for PRrouter. Thanks!

    • hi jenny

      Just double check and saw this
      2014-08-07 09:00:03到達香港貨物中心 等待分揀
      2014-08-08 20:30:03分揀完成 等待清關
      2014-08-09 05:00:02发往目的地國家

      Means it went by hong kong? Feeling kinda puzzled why it went to hk then sg…

      • Hi Lurivette, I have not used PRouter before, and I have no idea why was your shipment routed via HK. You can call Taobao helpline to get PRouter’s number so you can check with them who are their local delivery partners. You can leave PRouter a message on Aliwangwang even if they are offline, as they can view your message when they come online.

  239. hi, i did my first order on taobao and it was drastic! I tried paying 3times for an item but everytime it is not successful. The status was 交易关闭. And it was shown as on-hold amounts in my acc. Till now after 8days, its still on hold. And another problem, I made payment for 4items which end up seller can’t ship using forwarders, and ALIPAY states amount already refunded. But it was not credited in my account.
    How long will it takes for refunds and for the 交易关闭 amounts to be refunded?

    • Hi Eve, if the item goes under 交易关闭 , it means it has been rejected for purchase and you shouldn’t be charged on it. I experienced the same before, and I was not charged. 交易关闭 is likely due to the seller not accepting IFPS. Alternatives are to find other sellers who sell the same item, or fall back on using the third-party daigou agents. Refunds usually take a few business days after seller’s approval, but depending on the mode of payment, e.g. credit cards, it may reflect in your credit card bill later.

      • hi, thanks i will look out for the refunds.
        then for the part where we need to acknowledge receipt within a time frame, what shall i do to extend the timeframe? I have extended once before, now the ticker is less then 2days again, but I can’t find the extend button. I will never want to use Lequgo again. Which forwarder would you suggest? Thanks

    • Hi Eve, I think you can only extend the acknowledge receipt once. Even after the time period is over, you can still contact Taobao SEA to resolve issues and problems. I have not tried all the forwarding agents so I can’t do a fair comparison, but you can check the comments to get an idea which is/are the more popular forwarding agent(s) that many buyers commonly use.

  240. Anyone has any experience in getting liquid/powder items from taobao and shipped to SG before?? Please share. I would like to get some leathercraft staff like leather dyes and finishes.

    Please share too if you instead have experience getting it (liquid items) from US store (like tandyleather)…???

    thx in advance.

    • Hi zipper168, I do not have experience shipping liquid or powder items. Do check if they are under the list of prohibited items. They may also fall under “Special goods” which the delivery charges will be higher.

  241. Hi Jenny,
    Just now I just try to buy & enter more than 8 items under 国际转运服务, all rejected for these services, have lately any new changes on 国际转运服务?

    • Hi Jenny,
      Look-like the IFPS is no longer being accepted by majority of the sellers, as today just key in a few more items from various type of goods sellers, some of them were also bought previously before, but all again rejected.

      • Hi Jk Foo, I bought >10 items in a single order last month without any problem. Nevertheless, I also did notice many sellers are now not accepting orders from buyers using IFPS. I hope Taobao SEA will clarify on this as it is no point adding items to cart but later finding out that the sellers do not support IFPS. You may like to take notes of these sellers and drop a note to Taobao SEA to give your feedback. If you really need those items, the alternative will be to go through 3rd-party daigou agents.

      • Hi Jenny,
        Just got a message from Taobao 客户服務 that latest China internal new rules such as 亲爱的用户,由于国家政策调整,自2014年8月1日起,支付宝购物卡将无法购买虚拟物品,请您知悉,I wonder these rules may some how affect the IPFS services.

      • Hi Jk Foo, it translates to “due to policy changes in China, buyers will not be able to buy virtual items with Alipay Purchase card from 1st Aug 2014 onwards.” Think it won’t matter as long as you are not getting virtual items.

  242. What does this mean?

    使用转运服务 先寄到国内仓库,到仓后支付转运费,配送商会将包裹送达您的地址,转运费35.0元起

    Shipping is 35 Yen?


    • Hi swess, the direct translation:
      “International forwarding service
      To use forwarding service:
      First (have the seller) send the items to the warehouse (in China).
      When the items have arrived at the warehouse, pay the forwarding fees.
      The agent will send the parcel to your address.
      Forwarding fees start from CNY35.”

      You can use to get a rough translation for the Chinese messages. You can also refer to Taobao SEA Facebook page which has a wealth of information on how to buy from Taobao.

  243. Hi Jennyteo, thanks for all the information about purchasing in taobao. I am still not sure how to go about it. How the forwarding agent work like?

  244. hi hope you can help me here!! I just ordered from taobao and already made payment however I did not choose any forwarding agent and am not sure what will happen to my stuff now :(:(:( can i add the forwarding agent after purchasing? if not have to come across any similar cases cuz I can’t seem to find a solution 😦

    Hope you can help me out. thank:)

    • Ask seller do not ship/send out the parcel immediately. At 已买到的宝贝 , You can still cancel order and reorder if you haven’t paid.

    • Thanks tamypoh for helping out! Hi Eunice, you can cancel order the way that tamypoh had suggested, because the seller may not have sent out since it is unlikely to ship directly overseas anyway. It’s best to inform the seller about it as well, and then you can reorder the item, but this time remember to choose a forwarding agent.

      • thanks for your help 🙂 i’ve tried reodering again however the 国际转运服务 option is not available. It is there but i cant select it. I tried buying the items one by one but doesn’t work too. any idea what’s wrong?

  245. Hello Jenny,
    Since GST is payable for packages over $400, how is this $400 calculated? i.e. does it include shipping fees? Also, how does customs verify the amount of the package since the price I paid is much lower than the price that is indicated on the invoice?

  246. I have received my item today and paid using my credit card directly. I didn’t pay via alipay, but when I clicked “confirm receipt”, they prompted me for payment password and I’m not sure if I even have one. Now they’re asking me to retrieve my alipay password. I’m just confused if I’ve already paid in the first place since they’re asking me for alipay/payment password now when I used my credit card directly. How do I go about confirming I’ve received the package?

    • Hi gennarciso, I’m not sure how you had paid by credit card directly, since even credit card payments go through the Alipay platform, as far as I’m aware. Anyway it is not compulsory to confirm receipt as the system will automatically do so after a period of time. In any case, you can log in Alipay with your Taobao account, which is shown as “淘宝会员登录” at the Alipay sign-in page.

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  248. Hi jenny
    2014-07-24 14:00:14卖家已发货
    2014-07-24 14:01:16境内包裹出库
    2014-07-25 10:55:14境内包裹出库
    2014-07-25 11:25:51境内包裹出库
    Thanks fm EM

    • Hi EM, 境内包裹出库 means the package has left the warehouse and is on the way to be shipped out of China. It usually takes about 3~5 business days to ship from China to Singapore, so do look out for it.

  249. Hi Jenny,, what is Parcels within the library means in my Logistcs News.
    Thanks and regards fm EM

    • Hi EM, I’m not sure what you mean by parcels within the library? Perhaps you can quote/Copy&paste the entire message in Chinese?

  250. Hi.
    Just want to know if I uses 4px as forwarder and my goods has reached their warehouse. And I consolidate and paid for forwarder. They issue way bill number. But when I can’t track it at all. Question is do I need to confirm receipt for seller even before I receive goods?