Solve this murder mystery

I heard a mystery puzzle on Radio 1003 this morning. Being a mystery lover, it did not take long before I delved into the puzzle. It took me 10 minutes to solve it before the radio hosts divulged the solution at the end of the segment. However, they did not reveal the deductions.

Well, let’s see if you can do better. No googling!


A tragedy befell on a family of four: the parents and two children (one son, one daughter). One family member, with the help of an accomplice within the family, murdered another. The murder was witnessed by the remaining family member.

Some facts:

[1] The Accomplice and the Witness are of different gender.

[2] The oldest family member and the Witness are of different gender.

[3] The youngest family member and the Victim are of different gender.

[4] The Accomplice is older than the Victim.

[5] The father is the oldest in the family.

[6] The youngest family member is not the Murderer.

Now, who are the Murderer, Accomplice, Victim and Witness respectively?

When you are ready, scroll to read the solution below. I also added my own deductions separately.










* Murderer: mother

* Accomplice: father

* Victim: son

* Witness: daughter

My Deductions:

(A) Since the father is the oldest (Point 5), then the Witness is female (Point 2), and the Accomplice male (point 1).

(B) The youngest is neither the Murderer (Point 6) nor the Victim (Point 3) nor the Accomplice (point 4: Accomplice not the youngest). Hence, the youngest is the Witness.

(C) Combining (A) and (B), the Witness is the youngest and female = the daughter.

(D) Since the youngest is the Witness, she can’t be the Victim, hence the second youngest (i.e. the son) cannot be the Accomplice (Point 4: Accomplice older than Victim). Thus, one of the parents is the Accomplice. Since the Accomplice is male (Point A), then the father must be the Accomplice.

(E) Since the youngest is female, then the Victim is male (Point 3). This means the son is the Victim, and the mum the Murderer.

So, how did YOU do?


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