Google readying for big-time push?

Following the appearance of the new “flattened” logo on the latest Chrome dev channel release and the Chromium open-source browser last week, Google has also popped the new cutesy logo on the latest upgrade of Chrome beta version that I am using.
Old logo:
New logo:
Views on the logo change are split, but the recurring point brought up by many is that it seems like a step backwards for Google to switch from a vibrant 3D design to a plainer 2D one. To that point, Google had explained that an important point for the redesigned Chrome logo is to help achieve consistency across all media. The new logo – being simpler and “cleaner” – will be more easily adoptable in the various formats
With this logo redesign, it is a clear sign that Google is aligning its visual identity across its products. This can be evidenced by how the Google logo has evolved over the years:
1997 – 1999:
1999 – 2010:
2010 – present:
It does not go unnoticed that this visual homogenisation coincides with the recent developments of Chrome OS. After a flurry of activities for Android last year, the attention has shifted back to Chrome OS again, with the “conclusion” of the CR-48 pilot program now that Google has stopped shipping the CR-48 units. In addition, Google has announced that Chrome OS will be shipped on “partner devices” by mid-2011.
Chrome OS will also become more touch-friendly thanks to the recently released Touch_UI build. This could signify Chrome OS getting tablet adoption soon, despite what Google CEO had previously stated that “Android is for touch and Chrome OS is for keyboards“.
As the lines blur between the definition of for-touch or for-keyboard computing devices, as seen with the latest release of ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Convertible Android tablet/laptop, the jury is still out on whether Android or Chrome OS – or a hybrid of both – will eventually be the mainstay of the Google preferred OS in taking its fight to the giants of Microsoft and Apple.
[ Google logos from Wikipedia ]

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