Android Google Reader app is out

Google Reader
At last, Google Reader has finally released its official Android app, as announced on their blog.
This is definitely a long overdue release for us Google Reader fans using Android mobile phones. I must applaud the very admirable efforts from the Google Reader team. The simple, clean and straightforward user interface of the official app is very close to the desktop version and gives a very polished user experience, despite the app being only at its first iteration.
If only offline support and widgets are added to the app, it will definitely get a five-star rating from me.
Before the official app came along, many Google Reader fans – including myself – were so desperate on getting the same RSS experience on-the-go that we had practically tried (and mostly given up on) every third-party app out there.
I had managed to find two decent alternatives in gReader and NewsRob which I used interchangeably. I have since uninstalled both apps given my good experience with the official app. The developers of these apps are certainly not going to be happy about it.
You can download the official Google Reader app for Android from the Android Market or the QR code on the Google Reader blog.

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